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Kobe Bryant Partners With Jeff Stibel For $100 Million Venture Capital Fund

Kobe Bryant and Jeff Stibel have partnered to form a venture capital firm with funds of $100 million. The fund will be used for investing in tech, data and media companies.

Business Tech August 22, 2016

Twitter Experiences Brief Service Disruption Across The Globe

Twitter experienced a temporary breakdown on April 13 when the users met with an error message citing technical problems upon trying to access the site. Coincidentally, the outage happened when Laker’s basketball superstar was playing his last game, with Kobe-dedicated hashtags trending wildly.

Apps/Software April 14, 2016

Warriors' Record 73rd Win And Kobe Bryant's 60 Points By The Numbers

What a night for the NBA!

Geek April 14, 2016

NBA 2K Honors Kobe Bryant With NBA 2K17 Legend Edition

Legends live on.

Geek April 13, 2016

Kobe Bryant's Video Game Career Has Spanned 5 Console Generations

From Super Nintendo to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Kobe Bryant has been thumb-tapped for two decades.

Geek April 13, 2016

'Game Of Zones' To Return, Paying Homage To Kobe Bryant's Retirement

The Purple Retirement is slated to begin Wednesday, April 6.

Movies/TV Shows April 4, 2016

NBA Launches All-Star Game Emojis Using Twitter Hashtags

The emojis play off All-Stars' likeness or nicknames, generating a snake for Kobe Bryant's 'Black Mamba' nickname and a crown for LeBron James' moniker of 'King James.'

Apps/Software February 12, 2016

The Kobe Bryant And 'Star Wars' Connection: 'I'm Darth Vader'

Kobe Bryant likens himself to Darth Vader from the original 'Star Wars' Trilogy. But the LA Lakers player considers himself even more evil than the famous heavy-breathing Sith Lord -- Perhaps Palpatine would be more apt?

Movies/TV Shows December 18, 2015

Kobe Bryant Breaks The Internet: Retirement Post Had 1 Million Clicks In First 2 Hours

Legendary NBA superstar Kobe Bryant uploaded a poem on The Players' Tribune to announce his retirement after the end of the current season. The post received around 1 million clicks over the first two hours.

Sports December 2, 2015

ESPN Lists Kobe Bryant 93rd On Top NBA Players Rankings

Kobe Bryant's new low NBA ranking follows ESPN placing him in 40th on its annual list before last season. Will the 37-year-old future Hall-of-Famer prove the Worldwide Leader in Sports wrong?

Movies/TV Shows October 8, 2015

Watch Kobe Bryant Challenge World Cup Winner Alex Morgan In 'FIFA 16'

The five-time NBA champion turned Alex Morgan loose on herself, choosing the World Cup-winning United States women's national soccer team against Morgan's Canada selection.

Geek October 7, 2015

Alex Morgan Played Kobe Bryant One-On-One In 'FIFA 16'

World Cup-winning forward Alex Morgan said neither she nor NBA superstar Kobe Bryant are any good at 'FIFA 16,' which officially hit stores Tuesday.

Geek September 22, 2015

Kobe Bryant Makes Cameo In FIFA 16 'Play Beautiful' Commercial

The five-time NBA champion appears kicking a basketball into a hoop as part of an ad featuring soccer greats such as Pele, Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Alex Morgan.

Geek September 16, 2015

Kobe Bryant Receives His Lowest Player Rating Ever In 'NBA 2K16'

The five-time NBA champion has an 85 attached to his name for the highly anticipated title of the popular series. Bryant, 37, is entering his 20th season in the league.

Geek September 1, 2015

2000-01 Lakers And 2003-04 Pistons Revealed As Throwback Teams In 'NBA 2K16'

With Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant leading the way, that 2000-01 Lakers team finished with 56 regular-season wins and went 15-1 in the postseason en route to winning the NBA championship. The 2003-04 Detroit Pistons were also dominant in their own path to the league title. They're two great squads to play with.

Geek August 20, 2015

Michael Jordan Says He Could Beat LeBron James In His Prime

Michael Jordan believes there's "no question" that he could defeat King James one-on-one in his prime. Agree?

Movies/TV Shows August 10, 2015

How Cryotherapy Works And Why Star Athletes Like Kobe Bryant And Floyd Mayweather Jr. Love It

Cryotherapy has athletes such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather Jr. all willingly immersing themselves in a subzero chamber with cool air vapors of -184 degrees, looking for faster body recovery from pain and injuries.

Culture June 18, 2015

How Kobe Bryant Summed Up These NBA Finals With One Tweet

With one tweet, Kobe Bryant perfectly described the current climate of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. One team is playing with more urgency than the other.

Movies/TV Shows June 10, 2015

Is This It For Kobe Bryant?

According to Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, the 2015-16 season could be the final year for Kobe Bryant. If this is the end, what a run the "Black Mamba" has had!

Movies/TV Shows May 22, 2015

Kobe Bryant's Hilarious Reaction to Lakers Getting No. 2 Pick, Plus Draft Lottery Results

Kobe Bryant and his Los Angeles Lakers lucked out Tuesday night, securing the second overall pick via the NBA Draft Lottery. Bryant's reaction was truly priceless.

Movies/TV Shows May 20, 2015

LeBron James Boasts Better First-Round Playoff Stats Than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

LeBron James has a better NBA playoffs' first-round winning percentage than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. But MJ and Bryant have far more championship rings.

Movies/TV Shows April 19, 2015

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