Uber To Deliver Christmas Trees For Free In Berlin And Munich


Uber is definitely feeling the Christmas spirit.

After already announcing a partnership with Home Depot to deliver on-demand Christmas trees to customers in 10 cities in the United States just earlier this month, the ride-hailing service has announced that it will also deliver Christmas trees, free of charge, to German residents in Berlin and Munich.

For this latest partnership, announced Thursday, Bloomberg reports that Uber is teaming with online retailer Meine Tanne to make free deliveries of boxed north German firs, which cost $21.60 apiece. In the United States, the $135 UberTree was a pine Christmas tree with a stand, promised to be delivered in select cities within minutes. Free deliveries will start in Berlin and Munich on December 20.

Although it's only five days before Christmas, it doesn't take away from the company's nice gesture over the holidays. It's also apt for last-minute procrastinators, who wait until the very end to set up their Christmas trees, anyway.

Overall, though, Uber wants to launch this efficient holiday delivery service in Germany, the way it has done with its Christmas tree deliveries in the United States, which began on December 5, dropping off trees to customers in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston and New York City.

"It's very conceivable that on-demand services will also become established in Germany in the long term," Uber's Germany general manager Christian Freese told Bloomberg in a statement.

This could become a yearly tradition in Germany, the U.S. and possibly other countries as well.

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