Quite a few LG phone owners can already get the first dibs on the Marshmallow version custom ROM maker Cyanogen is dishing out – CyanogenMod 13.

Specifically, the newest nightlies are already rolling out to the LG G3 S, LG G3 Beat, LG G2 Mini and LG Optimus L70.

On the CyanogenMod download page, the G3 S has the codename "jag3gds." The G3 Beat is codenamed "jagnm" while the G2 Mini is codenamed "g2m." Meanwhile, the Optimus L70 has the codename "w5."

Back in October, we reported that the custom ROM maker confirmed that the CyanogenMod 13 build, which is based on Google's Android 6.0 Marshmallow, was already in the pipeline.

The news initially surfaced via Reddit.

CyanogenMod was seen pushing out relevant code commits into its Gerrit repository during the time.

It was already anticipated back then that the team would be dishing out beta releases or nightlies prior to rolling out the stable version of the build.

Custom ROMs developed by third party firms, such as CyanogenMod, is particularly beneficial to those who do not want to wait for the official release of the updates for their specific devices.

Download CyanogenMod 13

Users who wish to try out CyanogenMod 13 can download the files through the download pages of the custom ROM maker.

You can access the pages for the beta releases via the links below:

For LG G3 Beat

For LG G3 S

For LG G2 Mini

For LG Optimus L70

Since the build is in beta phase, it has to be expected that this could be buggy and come packed with a few flaws. As such, it is highly recommended that you should know the process first prior to downloading and applying it on your device.

Earlier this month, we also reported that Marshmallow can now be installed on Samsung Galaxy S3 via CyanogenMod 13.

What's odd, though, is that the S3 got the hotly anticipated Android update prior to its successors.

The Galaxy S3 was deemed as among the hottest handsets of 2012. Samsung managed to sell 50 million S3 phones when it was first launched.

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