Facebook updated its app for iOS on Monday to now support Apple's moving images feature for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, known as Live Photos.

However, since Live Photos is only available for iOS 9, Android and desktop users (along with those who don't have at least an iPhone 4S or newer device) will not be able to access the feature.

Facebook app users with iOS can now post a Live Photo by uploading a photo the same way as they previously would, while making sure to click on the circle icon located on the lower right corner of the photo and tap again to select "Live."

The photo will then display on the News Feed as a static image, and other iOS users (using devices with iOS 9) will be able to press on the photo to see the image move.

Apple's Live Photos feature captures a 12 megapixel still image, along with a second and a half before or after the image is taken, which is put together to animate the image, similarly to a GIF when viewing.

While this is another way Apple users can take advantage of the iPhone 6S feature, Facebook is only rolling out the Live Photos in-app support for a select group of users. The global support is expected sometime next year.

The announcement that Facebook will now start rolling out support of Live Photos for its iOS app comes after Tumblr became one of the first apps to support the feature earlier this month with Tumblr 5.0 for iOS.  

Facebook previously added support for Apple's 3D Touch feature on its iOS app icon, which provides users with shortcuts to take and upload a photo or post more quickly. Other apps have also begun integrating their version of this feature, such as Instagram's new "Peek and Pop" feature.

Source: Mashable 

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