Tesla just got more connected.

The Next Web is reporting that the automaker is providing European owners of the Model S with in-car streaming from Spotify Premium after the company reached an agreement with the music company. The website is additionally reporting that Spotify will also be available for Model S owners in Hong Kong and Australia as well.

Model S owners in the United States? Well, be patient, as in-car streaming Spotify is set to follow in the U.S., too, although the current date is unknown.

Spotify will be available as part of the Model S's in-car entertainment package, so drivers won't need a mobile device or even an account with the streaming service, for that matter.

That's because, The Next Web reports, each Model S will have a built-in Spotify Premium account that will only work with that specific vehicle. Still, if drivers or owners of that particular Model S still desire to link to their existing Spotify accounts, they can do so.

Spotify's senior manager for business development of automotive, Jonathan Tarlton, said: "Car radios have changed very little since the first FM radio was fitted over 60 years ago. Until now. This best-in-class, seamless integration represents the future of all music and content consumption in the car, with the best part being that tens of thousands of Tesla customers around the world can already experience that future today."

It will be interesting to see what other automakers partner with Spotify to deliver in-car, built-in Spotify streaming.

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