Here's your chance to have your very own piece of art by one of the masters, Pablo Picasso. Cards Against Humanity recently obtained an original piece by the artist and is now letting its fans choose whether that art goes to a museum or gets chopped up into tiny bits to distribute to those who subscribed to its special holiday pack.

That might sound pretty crude (and make art buffs cry), but anyone who has played the card game knows that this is all part of the Cards Against Humanity fun.

Every year, the card game team offers up a special holiday pack. This year, the theme was Hanukkah, so the company sent out eight individual presents to its customers who subscribed to the Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah. The Cards Against Humanity crew used the $2.25 million it raised through subscribers to buy an original Picasso painting from 1962. Now, it's letting its customers decide what happens to that work of art.

"The 150,000 people who subscribed to our Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah now have a chance to vote: should we donate this work to the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, or should we laser-cut it into 150,000 tiny squares and send everyone their own scrap of a real Picasso?" writes Cards Against Humanity on its website.

Voting on the fate of the painting begins on Dec. 26 and runs through Dec. 31. Once all votes are in, Cards Against Humanity will use that to decide what happens to the Picasso.

Considering the nature of the card game, it's likely that this Picasso is probably going to end up in tiny pieces and owned by each individual who subscribed to the holiday pack, which featured everything from socks to a membership to Chicago's NPR station.

Last year, the Cards Against Humanity team gave each of its 250,000 subscribers a square foot of a private island in Maine.

Cards Against Humanity launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2010, meeting its goal of $4,000 in just two weeks. By the end of its campaign, it raised a total of $15,000. After its official release in 2011, it quickly became the #1 game on Amazon.

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