Bernie Sanders Breaks Presidential Campaign Fundraising Record


There has never been a United States presidential candidate to utilize social media and the overall Internet better than Barack Obama.

That was evident by the record number of donations (2,209,636) that President Obama received by his re-election bid back in December 2011.

Well, along those lines, Bernie Sanders isn't doing too bad, either. According to his website, the 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful's campaign has broken President Obama's fundraising record for most contributions at this point in the campaign by exceeding 2.3 million donations as of this past weekend.

The Sanders campaign reached that mark during Saturday night's Democratic debate, which saw his grassroots supporters log on to in droves, donating an average of just below $25 per person.

Flexing more online muscle was Sanders' website's claims to have garnered more Google searches than any other candidate during Saturday night's debate, while also gaining the most retweets for the evening. His website additionally reports that Sanders was talked about on Facebook more than any other candidate and gained more followers on Twitter than his peers as well.

Sanders will need all the help he can get if he's going to unseat Hillary Clinton as the heavy favorite to emerge from the Democratic party.

Shortly before and during the debate itself, Sanders addressed reports that four of his campaign aides accessed voter data from Clinton's campaign in the Democratic National Committee's database. 

Sanders saw to it that one of those aides was fired, but blamed the database administrator for the breach.

As of early this week, Sanders' campaign has yet to be granted access back into the database.

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