Bring Your Geek Cred Into The Afterlife With These 'Star Wars' Urns


For the geek who wants to make a statement in the afterlife, here's the perfect solution: these Star Wars urns will permanently house your ashes for the Dark Side.

Urns for Ashes is a U.K.-based company that has created the perfect final resting place for Star Wars fans. Currently, two urns are available to hold your ashes: Darth Vader and the Death Star.

No, these urns aren't a joke, or even a tie-in to the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They went on sale early last month, but thanks to the new movie, sales have increased nearly 300 percent recently.

Of course, now that people are aware of the company, Urns for Ashes is now also getting other requests.

"It's led to some crazy inquiries, too," says Urns for Ashes' Darren Williams. "People want superhero urns, landmark urns (like football stadium urns), really specific car urns and a lady this week actually asked if I could create a life-size replica of her dog that passed away."

Fortunately for Williams, such requests aren't completely out of his scope: the urns are fairly easy to create, thanks to 3D printing. That means that customization is always possible, including personal inscriptions along the base of each urn.

Of course, thanks to high demand, the Darth Vader and Death Star urns are currently out of stock, but Williams confirmed that more are on the way. They run around $220 each and the company will ship to anywhere around the world, for an additional fee (although the Star Wars urns jokingly say that they'll get delivered for free via Tie Fighter).

For those who would rather embrace The Force's light side, the company also offers customizable figure urns, including this Princess Leia one. These urns, however, only hold a small amount of ashes, but are also completely customizable. The price for the figure urn starts around $220.

For the living, there's still plenty of odd Star Wars merchandise to take advantage of, including this Han Solo blaster flask that lets you take the first shot (of whiskey). If you prefer your beverages cold, though, be sure to also to acquire this Darth Vader cooler, made by the same company behind a remote control R2-D2 fridge that brings your drinks to you. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in theaters now.

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