There's A Darth Vader Helmet Fridge That Only Chills A Single Can


May the force be with you ... the force to keep a single beer or soda can chilled for $350.

Steered toward die-hard Star Wars fans and Lucasfilm loyalists alike — while completely undermining utility and purpose — a $350 Darth Vader mini fridge, which can only chill a single can, is available for preorder just in time for a holiday delivery. The fridge is a life-size replica of Darth Vader's helmet and comes from Aqua.

The casual Star Wars fan might be unfamiliar with the brand, but there's a good chance that die-hard fans of the series will be and that's because Aqua was the same company that ridiculously priced an R2-D2 moving fridge for upwards of $8,000 just last month.

At least that fridge was remote-controlled and could deliver the chilled beverages, as it's able to glide across the floor just like the character in the famed series itself. It also holds six cans.

This Darth Vader mini-fridge chills one can ... and doesn't move.

Still, it's a collector's item, as crazed Star Wars fans will naturally argue. That and with the impending Dec. 18 release of Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens in theaters, there's fever in the air — enough for a fan to reason making this pricey purchase.

Hey, if you're the one who lands this fridge ... at least you can enjoy your one beer or beverage of choice just in time for the new Star Wars film. It's the little things that count — the little things that cost top dollar.

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