Waiting at a bus stop and glancing at its sign's schedule of dates and arrival times, only to realize that they're completely outdated, can be pretty annoying.

However, one mass transportation company is trying to change that. Transport for London is testing e-paper signs that provide bus riders with arrival times and route maps in real-time, as reported by BBC News.

Transport for London's head of technology, Simon Reed, told BBC News that if the trial period proves to be viable, the agency will take a look at the cost of installing the technology at more bus stops.

Upon a mere glance, the bus stop signs roughly look the same as traditional bus stop signs, but if you look a little closer, you'll notice their bright clarity and movement as they update arrival times and provide mapping in real-time. From the looks of BBC's video, these e-paper bus stop signs almost look like Amazon Kindles embedded into the posts.

Engadget additionally reports that the displays can be charged from a solar panel as well, able to gather bus arrival times, making for more environmentally-sound technology.

These e-reader signs will continue to be tested into next fall, at which point Transport for London will determine whether or not it will spread the technology across London.

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