This Gas-Powered Pencil Sharpener Will Decimate Your Standard No. 2


Created by Mike Moyer, the DIY nitro sharpener is made out of an RC toy car engine, pistons, and other parts, as well as the metal head of the type of old-fashioned manual pencil sharpener that was once a staple at any grade school in the country.

To construct it, Moyer cleaned each part with carb cleaner, using the remote-controlled vehicle skeleton to scavenge parts and making a self-starting engine with the toy's pistons. 

So what's the utility of the pencil sharpener, especially in an age where the keyboard is slowly being substituted for the pen and a notebook, and cursive is becoming a dead writing form, disappearing from public schools altogether?

"Useful? Probably not," says Moyer in a video about how he built the noisy gas-powered gadget.

"I realize this is a ridiculous novelty, but it's more about learning how these little engines work," he added.

So maybe the sharpener is a novelty, but nonetheless, it sure is entertaining.

Check out the gas-powered pencil sharpener in the video clip below.


Via: Toyland | Gizmodo

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