Best Holiday Tech Gifts For Your Cats And Dogs


Christmas is the time to spend with one's family, and that includes little furry pets. Since they are part of the family, they deserve some holiday gifts as well, so why not buy them a couple of gadgets this season?

No, it doesn't have to be an iPhone or the latest Samsung tablet – just a simple device that can keep them entertained or help them stay healthy.

Without further ado, here are some gift suggestions that your pooch or feline friend will absolutely appreciate:

Tractive GPS

Pets like exploring beyond the home, especially beagles that'll relentlessly pursue a scent they sniffed out. That's a big no-no, as it could be dangerous for pets to wander streets and possibly lost.

Tractive has developed a product that can prevent that from happening. Called Tractive GPS, the device sends information to smartphones about pets' whereabouts, making sure their owners will be able to keep track of them in real-time.

The company also offers Tractive Motion to monitor activity levels and Pet-Remote to train dogs by sending vibrations or sounds to signal pets to perform tricks.


(Photo : Tractive)

Dogs chew on a lot of stuff, including furniture, footwear and whatever else they can get their paws on. Foobler will take care of that.

It's a ball with six compartments to store some treats, so the dog will be able to smell them while playing with it. It's also fitted with a built-in timer, allowing pet owners to set intervals for Foobler to dispense treats. A metal bell then alerts the dog for its feeding or playtime.


Pet owners who have jobs or need to be someplace to be away from home can find solace in PetChatz, as the device allows them to video call their pets when they miss them or just want to check up on them.

It sports a camera and a screen to make two-way video calls, which is pretty much like Skype or Viber, except they won't be in a chat room. The device can also be stored with treats with various adjustable scents that can be dispensed at a tap of a button.

The makers also offer PawCall, a gadget that lets the pets call their owners.

Petzi Treat Cam

(Photo : Petzi)

Just like PetChatz, Petzi Treat Cam allows users to check up on their pets at home, it dispenses treats as well, but it doesn't have a screen for the pets to see their owners.

Using the iOS or Android app, users can use their smartphones to interact with their pets, speak to them and even take photos of them.


If your pet needs a little exercise, FitBark is for you. It's an activity tracker that helps owners monitor their pets' health and record their progress, assisting them in their fitness goals.

What's more, an accompanying app stores data so a pet's health levels can be shared with friends or reported to a veterinarian in case of problems.

GoPro Fetch

Ever wanted to see the world through your pets' eyes? If so, then GoPro Fetch is what you need.

At first glance, it seems like it's something that's more for the owner than for the pet, but it can actually help owners keep track of pet behavior, too.


Dogs need other canine playmates from time to time, so why not find them a hot date? Bark'N'Borrow is pretty much the Tinder for dogs, where users will be able to search for other dog-lovers who are searching for playmates too.

More than that, it's also a useful app that can help owners find a sitter when needed.

iFetch / iFetch Too

The name says it all: the device can play fetch with dogs. First off, the iFetch is an automatic ball dispenser that shoots out small-sized tennis balls for small to medium dogs. On the other hand, iFetch Too shoots out regular-sized tennis balls for large dogs.

Cat Scratch Laptop

While it's not exactly the most tech-forward entry on the list, the Cat Scratch Laptop is the purrfect gift for the cats who love to sit on laptops. It sports a fluffy mouse on the side, a scratch pad keyboard, customizable desktop wallpaper and probably some impressive hardware specifications. Your cat will want you to buy it meow!

SCOUT1500 Digital Wireless Video Pet Monitor

Yet another pet-monitoring device has made it on the list, and the name is probably the most technical-sounding out of the bunch. Motorola's SCOUT1500 Digital Wireless Video Pet Monitor includes a 3.5-inch screen and indoor and outdoor cameras, supporting infrared night vision and two-way communication.

It's the perfect device to stay on top of your pets comings and goings.

With these gifts, your pets will definitely be happier this Christmas. Perhaps there'll even be smartphones, tablets or selfie devices for pets in the future, who knows? At present, what we do know is that these tech gifts can keep your cats or dogs healthy, monitored, well-fed and happy.

Photo: Erik Drost | Flickr

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