Drivers will find themselves with an extended Merry Christmas treat when they fill up at the gas station. Nationwide, gas prices are reportedly falling to less than $2 a gallon in some states - a trend that is expected to continue well until the New Year.

In Texas, gas prices are just $1.71 in Corpus Christi while Dallas drivers are enjoying prices of $1.86.

The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge has reported that gas prices in the following states are experiencing the lowest average:
Missouri - $1.77, Oklahoma - $178, South Carolina - $1.78

Drivers with the sweetest deal of them all this Christmas are those filling up in Kansas City, MO, with a reported average of $1.68 per gallon.

Unfortunately, California drivers aren't quite as lucky. With prices ranging from $2.60 to $3 in some cities, the state's gas prices have actually risen from what they were at the same time last year due to taxes and fees.

Nevertheless, the country as a whole is experiencing a drop in gasoline prices with the national average at $2.02 a gallon for regular gas. In fact, the AAA also reported that "more than 13,000 stations were selling gas for less than $1.75 per gallon."

The last time the U.S. enjoyed gas prices like this was in 2008 when a gallon of regular was $1.63 as reported by the U.S. Energy Department.

According to reports, the reason behind the price drop in regular gas is due to supply and demand. A warmer winter this year caused fewer people to burn oil for heat, leading to surplus gas inventory.

Tom Kloza, the chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service, said that he expects prices to maintain at this low well into February before they begin to hike up again as is the trend during that month.

"People will complain, but it's not going to be one of those painfully expensive years," he said of his gas price prediction for 2016.

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