Are you planning to travel more in 2016? After deciding on where to go and packing your things, downloading these apps will help your trips become more enjoyable and hassle-free.

WorldMate For iOS And Android

WorldMate functions as an all-in-one travel assistant that combines all the travel details of a trip. Users can forward various details including flight information and hotel reservation to the app, which will organize all of them into a personalized itinerary.

WorldMate also features flight alerts, calendar syncing and shareable itinerary details, along with other travel-related tools for forecasting weather, converting currencies and calculating tips.

Bravolol World Phrasebook For iOS And Android

The Bravolol World Phrasebook contains more than 800 common phrases that travellers will find useful on their trips, for situations such as meeting new friends and asking for directions.

The app includes 13 languages and allows the user to tag their favorite phrases to use. The app will also be able to play the correct pronunciation of the phrases. It also does not need an Internet connection, which would be important when travelling to far-flung locales.

Postagram For iOS And Android

While pictures taken while travelling can be shared online, sending physical postcards to friends and family is still one of the best ways to let them know that they are being remembered.

Postagram brings the tradition to the digital age by attaching photos from the user's camera roll, Facebook album or Instagram account into a customized postcard that can be edited on the user's smartphone and then sent to any address in the world, with the price of the postcard and postage for only $0.99 in the United States and $1.99 for anywhere outside the country.

Airbnb For iOS And Android

For times when travel plans are not carefully planned out, or when the hotel you booked is not as good as it looked on the website, Airbnb will save the day.

The popular lodging service connects hosts with guests in a platform that allows both parties to know all the information needed before an agreement is made. The app contains more than 600,000 listings in over 34,000 cities, so travellers looking for a place to stay can turn to Airbnb for their needs.

Skyscanner For iOS And Android

Skyscanner helps users search for the best deal for both domestic and international flights by comparing the prices of flights across all possible airlines. Travellers can then book their tickets directly through the app with links provided to airlines and travel agents.

In addition to flights, Skyscanner also helps users find the best deals for hotels and car rentals, making it a valuable tool for users planning their trips.

PackPoint For iOS And Android

For travellers who always seem to forget to bring important items along for trips, PackPoint provides a checklist of essentials that are needed to be packed, depending on the nature of the trip.

Users can specify their destination, the purpose of their travel and the length of their stay. PackPoint will then draw up a list of things that the user needs to bring, with items such as clothing customized depending on the expected weather for the user's trip.

Expensify For iOS And Android

For business travellers, or for those who simply want their travel expenses highly organized, Expensify is the right app for you. The app tracks expenses manually by photologging receipts and importing purchase information from credit cards.

Expensify also has a Smart Scan feature, wherein travellers can take a picture of their receipts and the app will then automatically generate expense reports for them.

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