Virtual reality saw its rise this year, and companies here and there have been in a race to set a global standard.

Samsung has performed well in the market with the Samsung Gear VR. Its wearable tech saw an early success, going out of stock because of the immediate high demand.

As a result, developers have been racing to roll out virtual reality apps, games and demos for the headset. Here are some that are spot-on for the Samsung Gear VR: 

Samsung Gear VR Games

Herobound: Spirit Champion ($10)

With Herobound: Spirit Champion, gameplay is sure to take hours.

The game features a goblin in a quest to save the world, braving four areas with unique elemental motifs, including earth, water, air and fire. It's chock-full of various puzzles and fights that'll keep players at the edge of their seats.

Throughout the adventure, players will be able to upgrade moves and weapons, gain powers and collect items to help with battles and puzzles.

Although you won't be looking through the eyes of your goblin hero, it's still a pretty good take on virtual reality gaming. However, a Bluetooth controller is more or less necessary to fully enjoy the game.

Players can get their hands on the free demo Herobound: First Steps to test the waters first. 

Land's End ($10)

Created by the makers behind Monument Valley, Land's End delivers a similar, breathtaking puzzle experience.

It's a relaxing and almost therapeutic game, where the player will connect dots to go from point A to point B in serene and spectacular sceneries. On top of that, the soundtrack creates a soothing atmosphere.

This is definitely one of the titles that make the most out of the Samsung Gear VR.

EVE: Gunjack ($15)

If sci-fi shooters in virtual reality are your thing, then EVE: Gunjack will absolutely satisfy your craving for them.

Completely developed based on Unreal Engine 4, the game offers an exceptional and immersive first-person shooter. The player's main objective is to defend the rig from enemy spaceships that are out to steal the company's valuables, shooting each one down and collecting power-ups along the way.

With the impressive graphics, EVE: Gunjack is easily the first true AAA game in the virtual reality scene.

Samsung Gear VR Apps

Samsung Internet for Gear VR

Samsung Internet for Gear VR is exactly what the name suggests.

It's an app that the company developed to let users browse the Internet in virtual reality, offering quite a different experience for everyday tasks such as reading one's Facebook News Feed or checking emails. It also supports HTML5 and 360-degree and 3D video streaming and Gaze Mode, which allows users to simply gaze at a menu item to select it.

Flickr VR

Flickr VR is an app that can instantly "transport" a user somewhere else in a snap.

With thousands of community-uploaded 360-degree photos, the user will be able to view lots of different places in virtual reality, including the Aurora Borealis and the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River, to name a few.


Vrse is a video-playing app that demonstrates the possibilities of immersion in virtual reality coupled with a compelling narrative.

While the content is still not up to speed, the current repository makes up for it with the high-quality and informative 360-degree videos it offers, including documentary-style "Walking New York," "Clouds Over Sidra" and many others.

Samsung Gear VR Demos

"Striving for Greatness"

Directed by virtual reality studio Felix & Paul and developed by Uninterrupted and Oculus Studios, "Striving for Greatness" is a twelve-minute documentary that features none other than the basketball star LeBron James.

The video shows James training and getting interviewed with his trainers.

Cirque du Soleil's Zarkana

Take a front seat in one of the most popular live performances in Vegas at the comfort of your own home as Cirque du Soleil's "Zarkana" has gone virtual. You'll get to watch the theatrical circus group perform onstage, which is just perfect if you don't have the time to see them or the extra cash to buy tickets.

Bonus: Temple Run VR (Free)

Yes, Temple Run VR is real, and it's on the list of the best VR mobile games too.

The game, as everybody is probably familiar with, features a runner on an endless track. When it was ported to the virtual reality platform, the player's perspective was simply changed from third-person to a first-person view.

At first glance, it might not seem much. Still, the switch made quite an impact on the gameplay, delivering quite an exciting experience – especially when you look back and see the demonized, angry gorillas chasing you!

These entries should open up more ways for you to enjoy your Samsung Gear VR. With the rapid growth of games and apps for virtual reality, it's a good time to start jumping on the bandwagon.

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