Season 4 of Once Upon a Time is scheduled to kick off in September of this year, and the only reason we're even talking about it is because characters from the critically-acclaimed Disney movie, Frozen, will make an appearance.  

On Thursday, ABC announced the three cast members who will play Frozen characters in Once Upon a Time, season 4. Actress Georgina Haig will play the role of Elsa, the powerful ice queen. On the matter of Kristoff and Anna, the latter will be played by Elizabeth Lail, and the former by Scott Michael Foster.  

To round it off, Sven the reindeer will also make an appearance, though we're not certain if he'll be a real reindeer or poor CGI.  

Not only did ABC announced the new cast members, it also revealed some new images, showcasing some of the stars in character. One particular image showcases Elsa speaking with Kristoff as he feeds Sven, and since this is Once Upon a Time, we're almost certain their talking about their feelings and other uninteresting dribble.  

We like Frozen, for the most part, but we just don't see the need for the characters to be pushed on TV so quickly. From our assessment, the only reason this is happening is because Once Upon a Time is a terrible show, and chances are Disney believes the show could ride high on the success of Frozen.  

Since the first two seasons of Once Upon a Time, we haven't watched the show on a regular basis due to how cheesy and boring it is. The actors, apart from Rumpel, are all forgettable. However, the great dark lord is now someone who cries a lot, talks about his feelings on a regular basis, and dribble nonsense like every other character on the show.  

Only time will tell if Elsa and the gang are capable of breathing new life into a show that has been stuck in mediocrity since the first season. Still, anything is possible, and we're hoping season 4 surprises us all. If not, well at least we have the Wolf Among Us, because it is a far better fairytale story than what the Once Upon a Time guys can conjure up.

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