Wondering what Thanos will look like in the Guardians of The Galaxy movie? Wonder no more, as Marvel has released the first official image of the Mad Titan. We must admit though, the Thanos teaser at the end of the first Avengers movie looked better compared this, but we're not going to hate.

The picture shows Thanos sitting comfortably on his throne with what appears to be a slight grin on his face. Why is this? We're not sure, but we know for certain that whenever Thanos shows his teeth, he's likely thinking about death, and that's never good.

Sitting in his throne made of rocks, Thanos looks quite large and in charge. He's also decked out in cool looking armor. Unfortunately, he's not wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, so chances are he's still yet to get his hands on it.

Additionally, it appears Thanos throne is capable of hovering, which is quite similar to the comics. That's a near addition there by Marvel, now we only hope he recites some of his iconic lines to get the blood pumping in the cinemas.

In other news, actor Josh Brolin is the man cast to provide the voice of the Mad Titan. For those under a rock for nearly a year now, it was once reported that Brolin was Zack Snyder's first choice to play Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, Warner Bros. had other ideas in mind, and chose to go ahead with Ben Affleck instead.

Bear in mind that this is not just some made up report, Brolin confirmed he was approached by Snyder, and from the way he explained things, it truly seems as if he was truly Snyder's first choice.

Still, all is not lost for Josh Brolin as he's now the man behind Thanos, though we believe Brolin would have rather been Batman than a voice.

Guardians of The Galaxy is in theaters right now, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release come March, 2016. However, since Marvel is planning to release Captain America 3 in the same month and on the same day, there's a high chance Warner and DC will have to make some adjustments.

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