Although the X-Force movie still hasn't actually been made, new concept art leaked from the production suggests the movie's final lineup of main characters.

Concept artist Greg Semkow created an image that featured Cable, Domino, Warpath, Cannonball and an unidentified female that could be anyone from Boom Boom to Rogue.

Of course, as it stands, this concept art is all that stands as proof that an X-Force film ever existed in the minds of anyone, but it's enough to get fans excited for what might still happen someday.

Kick-Ass 2's Jeff Wadlow took on the project in 2013 to both write and direct. Since then, he stated that the team would have five members. Although he wasn't specific about who those members were, he admitted that he was a fan of Deadpool, Wolverine, Psylocke, Cable, Domino and Colossus. Of those five, only two appear in the concept art.

In Marvel Comics, X-Force is a team of superheroes most often associated with The X-Men. Rob Liefeld created the team, who made their first appearance in 1991's New Mutants #100, but then went on to get their own series. However, the team hails back to the 1980s team called The New Mutants ( X-Force became a revamped version of that).

A script supposedly exists for the X-Force film, with Liefeld calling it "beyond impressive." However, no one has really talked about the movie since then, especially now that there's another X-Men movie spin-off in the work, The New Mutants (as in the comic book that X-Force took its inspiration from). The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone will helm that movie.

So what will happen with X-Force? 20th Century Fox already pushed the film aside once, thanks to the popularity of the leaked Deadpool test footage: that footage got such a huge response from fans that Fox decided to move production on that movie up ahead of X-Force.

Meanwhile, Deadpool has his own movie coming out soon, on February 12. There is no release date set for The New Mutants, yet, although Fox reserved July 13, 2018 for one of its unnamed Marvel films.


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