The latest in LG’s Tone line of Bluetooth stereo headsets is set to be unveiled at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. While not many details about the upcoming iteration are known at the moment, the design itself has clearly been upgraded.

Assuming Google’s translation of the Korean press release from LG isn’t completely off the mark, other than also being a headset neckband, the HBS-910 differs from the previous HBS-900 Tone Infinim headset in several ways. Most obvious is the form factor of the new headset, with seemingly thinner, redesigned curves ending in more aesthetically pleasing ends than the blobs of the Tone Infinim. Earbuds extend from the ends, much like previous entries in the line, for easy listening.

The headset features a new quad-layer diaphragm for better bass and treble, two microphones to better capture sound and cancel noise, and app-based functions like LG Tone & Talk.

It’s unclear what price range folks will be looking at if they’re wanting to upgrade, but the Tone Infinim comes with a hefty $149.99 price tag. Pricing the newest version above that would make sense, though it’s just as likely that the Infinim drops slightly to fit a more reasonable price point for the HBS-910 just above it.

The HBS-910 is reportedly expected to launch in February 2016 after it debuts in January at CES 2016. Further details and specifications about the headset should come to light during and after the trade show.

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