HoloLens is a new toy from Microsoft that appears to be ready to take the world by storm. We've seen several holographic-based devices in the past, but this one could really change the way we use computers and play video games.

What the software company showed the world is nothing short of splendid. The device is still under development and far from ready for consumers, but it is clear that when it will be finally ready, it could become something special.

At the moment, the biggest issue HoloLens is facing has much to do with the field of view. It is smaller than what we've seen from several Microsoft live demos. Since the company is in marketing mode right now, we might have to wait a while to learn why the field of view is so small.

In terms of what it can do for users when it is released, that's something we're going to look into.

Several interesting features were shown off during Microsoft's demonstrations of the device. We've seen the ability to pin apps in the real world and interact with them. Expect users to be able to have a chat with their friends or family over Skype in the kitchen. The Skype app could be pinned on the refrigerator, alongside a cooking app above the stove.

For those who are more into entertainment, well, there might not be a need for a TV or even a stereo system if Microsoft adds earphones. Users could sit in their living room and pin a screen on their wall, and from there, watch whatever they wish.

Should the user feel the need to move from the living room to the master bedroom, that's not an issue. While walking with HoloLens, the pinned screen will move, so it is possible to keep watching while running around the house.

In terms of video games, a whole living room can be transformed into a gaming space. However, after seeing how Kinect failed miserably in the gaming department, our faith in the HoloLens' gaming possibilities is limited right now.

Still, we expect Microsoft to learn from its mistakes and deliver an AR headset with the powers to change computing and home entertainment forever.

Photo: Microsoft Sweden | Flickr

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