Star Wars Battlefront may have perfectly captured the sights and sounds of George Lucas' original Star Wars trilogy, but it was more than a little lacking in content, featuring only four planets. Sure, there are 13 maps spread across those four planets, but many of those maps are game-type specific. For larger game types like Supremacy and Walker Assault, by far the most exciting modes featured in the game, there were only four maps available at launch.

It's for that reason so many fans balked at the idea of a $50 season pass, which EA says will include 16 new maps, four new heroes and villains, more weapons and additional star cards. EA has since confirmed that none of the upcoming expansions will feature locations or characters from The Force Awakens or the prequel trilogy, leaving many fans to speculate about what locations from a galaxy far, far away Star Wars Battlefront will be adding next.

As Star Wars fans ourselves, we have a few ideas. Here are some of the heroes, villains, planets and vehicles we would love to see added to Star Wars Battlefront.

New Location: Cloud City

If EA is indeed only pulling from original trilogy locations, Cloud City seems like a no-brainer. It's the only prominent location seen in the films (aside from the Death Star) not already featured in the game, and it would lend itself perfectly to multiple game types. Though Walker Assault might prove difficult, the capture point-oriented Supremacy mode would work perfectly on Cloud City, with different points spread across the massive, interconnected floating platforms. Smaller game types would also work well. How about a map set in Cloud City's carbon freezing chamber?

New Hero: Lando Calrissian

Going hand-in-hand with Cloud City is the scoundrel-turned-hero, Lando Calrissian. He's one of the few prominent heroes not yet included in Star Wars Battlefront, making him an obvious choice to be added. With his handsome good looks and flowing cape, we can see Billy D. Williams' character in the game already, blasting down stormtroopers with his blaster and using his wits to keep him and his friends alive.

New Vehicle: Y-Wing

It's a little strange that Y-Wings aren't already playable. These fighters serve as the bombers of the Rebel Alliance, and can be seen in the game's Walker Assault mode, so why not let players fly these craft themselves? Having the ability to do bombing runs in game types like Supremacy would add an interesting new dynamic to battles, and allowing Y-Wings in Fighter Squadron would let players who prefer to focus on taking down the enemy frigates another avenue to do so.

New Location: Yavin 4

The rebel base seen in A New Hope seems like an obvious choice for new maps. The lush forests and ancient temples would make for a great change of scenery from the desolate Tatooine and Hoth, as players could hide in the jungle or run indoors for close quarters combat. While it might be a little too similar to Endor, we have faith DICE could give the location a flavor all its own.

New Hero: Chewbacca

Han Solo's co-pilot and longtime companion is no stranger to fighting the Empire. Using his iconic Wookie bowcaster, Chewie would be a perfect fit for Star Wars Battlefront. As a Wookie, he could have powerful melee abilities that when coupled with his bowcaster would make for a powerful hero that no Imperial would want to cross on the battlefield.

New Vehicle: Tie Bomber

Much the same as the Y-Wing, this Imperial vehicle would give players on the side of the Empire another option when it comes to battling for aerial supremacy. Being able to bomb Rebel choke points would make having control of the skies even more important, adding another layer of depth to a game that is desperately in need of some.

New Location: Death Star Interior

Though the interior of the Death Star wouldn't work for a game type like Walker Assault, it would be perfect for smaller skirmishes. Everybody remembers Luke, Han and Obi-Wan Kenobi's rescue of Princess Leia in A New Hope, as the group sneaked their way inside the superweapon and then battled their way out. The Death Star's iconic interiors would be a welcome addition to Star Wars Battlefront.

New Villain: Imperial Royal Guard

These intimidating figures in service to the Emperor can be seen in Return of the Jedi wearing their stylish red robes. They are said to be highly trained combatants, though their exact backgrounds and capabilities are kept secret from all but the Emperor himself. A new melee-focused villain could be a solid new addition to the Empire's villain line-up, and seeing one of these fearsome guardsmen in action would be a treat for fans who have always wondered exactly how powerful the Emperor's bodyguards truly are.

New Vehicle: Tauntaun

Why these aren't already in the game defies all logic.

New Location: Tantive IV

It doesn't get much better than the now iconic opening of A New Hope, as Imperial forces blast their way inside the Tantive IV to capture Princess Leia. This mode would likely only work for smaller game types, but being able to recreate the first standoff between Imperial and Rebel forces seen on film would be a dream come true.

With EA promising 16 maps and four new hero class characters, it seems likely that at least some of our wishlist will come true. After all, if EA is only pulling from the original trilogy, their options are fairly limited unless they are granted permission from Disney to craft all new planets, much like DICE did with Sullust. We likely won't have to wait long to hear about the game's first expansion, as EA says it will be coming in early 2016. Until then, may the force be with us all.

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