For a car company keeping as mysterious a profile as Faraday Future, it's certainly positioning itself to make a big splash at next week's Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas.

That's where the enigmatic automaker start-up will be unleashing its brand-new electric vehicle. That's clear after tweeting a 10-second video teaser of the vehicle Wednesday and vowing to unveil it on Monday as part of CES 2016.

While plenty of questions about the car and the company as a whole remain, what we do know about Faraday Future heading into CES is that it's formally expected to launch its car in 2017 and it's already regarded in auto circles as potentially-legitimate contender for Tesla in the electric vehicle space. Earlier this year, reports surfaced about Faraday Future following Tesla's path by announcing that it's building its own $1 billion factory in Nevada in January.

Faraday Future's teaser video comes one week after it launched its "What If?" spot on YouTube, almost promising to reinvent the auto industry as we know it.

That short spot starts out asking, "If we could let ourselves forget everything we know about cars, would we invent the same car industry we have today? What would happen if we just started clean?"

It goes on to ask intriguing questions such as, "What if the back seat was the new front seat?" and "What if you didn't so much own a car, as use one when you need it?"

Hmm ....

It adds: "What if there was an electric car that not only helped preserve the environment — it actually made us look forward to the daily commute? What if such a car could redefine our relationship with the automobile itself?"

The anticipation for the vehicle that Faraday Future is about to unleash only builds from here.

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