If you love GIFs, you've got to have this Chrome extension


Let's see if we can guess your daily Internet routine. You open up your web browser, check your email and read over your social media notifications. Then once that's all taken care of, you get down to the real reason why you're online: look at as many crazy, cute and comical GIFs as you can get your hands on.

If GIFs are your Internet drug of choice, as we suspect they are, you're going to want to download this Chrome extension right away. With animatedTabs, every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome, a GIF and a funny description will appear instead of that usual Google search bar and all that jazz. A link will also accompany the GIF so you can copy it, save it, tweet it, send it through carrier pigeon, whatever you usually do with your links.

In just the past few minutes, some of the GIFs that have popped up for us have been Metallica's James Hetfield headbanging ("Papa Het Doing What He Does Best: Headbanging"), "Back to the Future's" Doc Brown with a crazy big nose ("Back to the MMpphhbbb") and lots and lots of cows. Isn't all of that what you want to see on the Internet?

The extension's creator hasn't listed where the GIFs come from, but many of them can apparently be sourced back to the subreddit /r/gifs, where most wonderful things on the Internet come from.

And just a heads up, these GIFs are randomly generated, which is obviously the point, but that also means every time you click that little bad boy to open up a new tab, you can get anything. The GIFs can feature animals, TV shows or be NSFW, so just keep that in mind while you're trying to entertain yourself at work. Most of the time, they're pretty innocent, but there is the chance that an illustration of a nude figure or some half-naked people could pop up on your screen.

All of this is to say that if you're the type of person who painstakingly likes to curate your GIF collection, endlessly searching for 37 GIFs that can describe how you can't even right now, animatedTabs is probably not for you. But for those moments when you seek pure shock and wonder, in addition to the joy of watching something happen over and over and over again, animatedTabs will give you  a reason to never leave the Internet again.

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