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Tinder Loops Rolls Out Globally: How To Make A Tinder Profile GIF

Tinder Loops is now rolling out globally, allowing users in the United States and other markets to set up expressive profile GIFs. Here's how to do it.

Apps/Software July 5, 2018

Custom GIF Creation Now Coming To Gboard For Android

The Android version of Gboard now lets users create custom GIFs, just like on iOS. The feature is still in beta, however, so other folks might have to wait a bit before getting the new tool.

Apps/Software May 5, 2018

GIF Searching Finally Comes To … LinkedIn Messenger?

LinkedIn members can now send and receive GIFs to and from their work colleagues. Tenor powers the new search tool, which Google just recently owned.

Apps/Software April 13, 2018

Giphy Returns To Snapchat And Instagram After Removing Racist GIFs

Snapchat and Instagram had now re-integrated Giphy after the removal of the racist GIF that offended many people across the world. New security measures had been put in place to make the apps' users feel safe again.

Apps/Software April 5, 2018

Facebook GIF Maker Now Available On iOS: Here's What The New Camera Feature Can Do

A Facebook GIF maker has been rolled out to the social media app's iOS version, but not yet to all users. The tool will allow users to create GIFs with just a few steps.

Apps/Software July 15, 2017

Facebook Finally Rolls Out GIF Button For Comments: Here's How To Reply To Posts With GIFs

Facebook has finally rolled out the GIF button for comments, allowing users to reply to posts with the animated GIFs. The social network launched the feature as part of its commemoration of the GIF's 30th birthday.

Apps/Software June 15, 2017

Facebook Celebrates Its 13th Birthday With Personalized ‘Friends Day’ Videos And Friendship GIFs

Facebook users will be able to share personalized videos to celebrate their friendships, along with friendship GIFs in Messenger in celebration of the social network’s annual Friends Day.

Internet February 2, 2017

Latest WhatsApp Android Beta Brings Full GIF Experience, Raises Media Sharing Limit

WhatsApp has rolled out a new beta update for Android, adding full GIF support complete with a dedicated keyboard button. Moreover, the latest beta also bumps the file sharing limit from 10 to 30.

Apps/Software January 11, 2017

Google Photos: 4 New Features Help 'Relive' Special Moments And Fix Sideways Photos

Google is adding four new features to its Google Photos app to help users rediscover and relive their fondest moments. The update also lets users fix image orientation, create GIFs and highlight recent stories.

Apps/Software October 13, 2016

WhatsApp For Android Will Soon Let You Send Videos As Animated GIFs

WhatsApp for Android is finally getting GIF support soon, allowing users to send videos as GIFs without rooting their devices. The update is not live just yet, but the APK beta is up for grabs.

Apps/Software August 27, 2016

You Can Now Post Bigger GIF Files Of Up To 15 MB On Twitter, But There's A Catch

The file size limit of GIFs uploaded on Twitter has been quietly increased to 15 MB. The new feature will mean higher quality and/or longer GIFs in the platform, but there is a catch.

Internet July 12, 2016

WhatsApp GIF Support On Its Way, But With Limitations: Report

WhatsApp users on iOS are in for a treat, as GIF integration is coming their way. A beta release of the popular messaging app showed support for animated pictures, but there is a twist.

Apps/Software June 9, 2016

Viber Users Can Now Back Up Messages And Send GIFs As Part Of New Update

The new update for Viber on iOS and Android includes the ability for users to back up their messages, send GIFs and transfer money via Western Union.

Apps/Software June 8, 2016

'Simpsons' Fans, Rejoice! Frinkiac Now Creates GIFs Too

The 'Simpsons' search engine Frinkiac just got a whole deal better, as it now lets fans everywhere not only cook up some memes but also create as many GIFs as they want.

Internet May 15, 2016

Giphy Keys Lets You Send Out GIFs Easily On Your iPhone: Here Are The Details

Giphy has launched the Giphy Keys, a GIF keyboard for iOS, which will enable iPhone users to send GIFs easily through text messages or on social networking sites.

Apps/Software May 4, 2016

Giphy For Android Gets Update, Now Lets You Share GIFs Everywhere

Giphy for Android now lets users share GIFs from its vast collection on other apps. That means the app is no longer bound to Facebook Messenger.

Apps/Software April 21, 2016

Giphy Launches New Tool For OS X: GIF Anything On Your Desktop With Free Giphy Capture

Giphy recently pushed out a new app that enables Mac owners to create GIFs from the content of their desktop. Dubbed Giphy Capture, the software joins other nifty apps from the company, such as Giphy Cam.

Apps/Software April 9, 2016

Snapchat Releases Chat 2.0 With Stickers, Audio And Video Notes And More: Here's How To Use The New Features

Here's how to use all of Snapchat's new Chat 2.0 private messaging features, like stickers, video notes and more.

Apps/Software March 29, 2016

You Can Watch '2001: A Space Odyssey' As 569 GIFs But It's Not Recommended

Someone broke Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece into 569 separate GIFs, so now it's even harder to understand.

Internet Culture March 25, 2016

How To Improve Your Chances On Tinder? Use GIF

Tinder makes online dating easier, but sometimes it's just not easy enough. However, the company says that GIFs could change users' luck on the dating app.

Apps/Software March 19, 2016

Twitter Rolls Out New GIF Search Button For Mobile And The Web

Twitter announced the launch of a new GIF button that provides native support for searching for and posting animated photos directly from a tweet or direct message.

Internet February 17, 2016

Print Your GIFs With Ubersnap

An app called Ubersnap has been released, essentially allowing users to create their own GIFs, after which, they can request that the GIFs be printed.

Internet February 12, 2016

Twitter Rolls Out Experimental GIF Button For Mobile For A Few Users

Twitter beta tests a GIF library button, and the addition might help increase the popularity of the microblogging platform. The company catches up with rival companies such as Facebook and Yahoo, that already use GIFs.

Apps/Software February 9, 2016

Will Twitter Introduce A Dedicated GIF Button On Mobile Soon?

Twitter users reported to have seen a dedicated GIF button on Twitter's mobile app. The social networking service may be testing the feature, which has now disappeared from apps.

Apps/Software February 5, 2016

Tumblr Introduces GIF Maker To Mobile App

Tumblr has announced a new GIF Maker tool for its mobile app, allowing users to create GIFs from burst photos and videos straight from the Tumblr mobile app.

Apps/Software November 17, 2015

Giphy Launches Tool To Make GIFs, And It Is Very Easy To Use

Giphy launched a bunch of new GIF creation tools that allow users to create GIFs a whole lot easier than before. These include instantly turning video clips into GIFs, a new uploader button, and a slideshow tab for making GIF mashups.

Internet October 22, 2015

Turn iPhone 6s Live Photos Into Shareable GIFs: Here's How

iPhone 6s/6s Plus users had a hard time sharing visual memories with others, but no more. Priime Inc. released Live GIF, an intuitive app that turns Live Photos into GIFs or movies for the whole Internet to enjoy.

Apps/Software October 16, 2015

Google For iOS Can Now Play GIFs In Image Search Results

Google has updated its iOS app again and added some new features and improvements, aiming to enhance the overall experience. One of the highlights on the new Google for iOS is the ability to tap and play animated GIFs in the image search results.

Apps/Software October 8, 2015

Imgur Introduces Winston Searchhill: Android App Brings Back Search, Improves GIFs

Imgur released an update for its Android app, with the changes detailed on a blog post. The post was accompanied by a GIF that featured a character named Winston Searchhill.

Apps/Software October 3, 2015

Skype Adds Support For 'Mojis,' Microsoft's Version Of The Emoji

Microsoft has added a new feature to Skype called Mojis, which are essentially small, GIF-like video clips from popular movies and TV shows. The feature will roll out to Skype in the coming days.

Apps/Software September 19, 2015

Rejoice: Facebook Officially Supports Animated GIFs!

For what seems like decades, Facebook users have been begging for official GIF support, and their patience has finally paid off. Thanks to Giphy, animated GIFs finally work on Facebook!

Internet Culture May 29, 2015

'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Recap: Episode 7 - 'The Gift'

After last week's controversial ending, 'Game of Thrones' returns for one of the better episodes this season.

Movies/TV Shows May 25, 2015

Hulu Launches GIF Site With High-Quality Images From Top TV Shows

Hulu launches a new searchable GIF site on Monday that allows people to easily find high-quality GIFs of their favroite TV shows.

Internet Culture April 6, 2015

Learn How To Use Imgur's New 'Video To Gif' Creation Tool

Imgur's video to gif converter makes creating gifs easier than ever before.

Internet Culture January 29, 2015

Split-Depth GIFs Are Taking Over The Internet (And They Will Blow Your Mind)

Animated GIFs have long been the go-to pictures for Internet reactions and hilarity, but the off-shoot is arguably even cooler: split-depth GIFs are on a whole other level, even if the 3D effect is an illusion.

Internet Culture January 21, 2015

Built-in GIF Creator on YouTube? You Bet

YouTube is testing an experimental feature that will allow users to create GIFs from the videos uploaded on the website.

Internet December 13, 2014

The 15 Best 'A Christmas Story' GIFs That Teach You About Life

Pull up a chair, dear reader, and let this classic Christmas movie impart upon you all the wisdom you shall need for anything that comes your way. It's the most vital truths from 'A Christmas Story' — explained in GIFs.

Movies/TV Shows December 11, 2014

'American Horror Story: Freak Show': Most GIF-Worthy Moments In 'Blood Bath'

The most memorable moments in the seventh episode of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' are now immortalized in GIFs. The episode titled 'Blood Bath' moves the plot along quite rapidly and offers up a few shocking deaths.

Movies/TV Shows December 4, 2014

'The Walking Dead': Most GIF-Worthy Moments In 'Coda'

The most memorable moments in the eighth episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season are now immortalized in GIFs. The mid-season finale titled 'Coda' brings a long-awaited reunion and a tragic death.

Movies/TV Shows December 1, 2014

'The Walking Dead': Most GIF-Worthy Moments In 'Crossed'

The most memorable moments in the seventh episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season are now immortalized in GIFs. The episode titled 'Crossed' follows our heroes on their mission to save Beth and Carol.

Movies/TV Shows November 24, 2014

'American Horror Story: Freak Show': Most GIF-Worthy Moments In 'Test of Strength'

The most memorable moments in the seventh episode of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' are now immortalized in GIFs. The episode titled 'Test of Strength' focuses on freak show strong man Dell Toledo.

Movies/TV Shows November 20, 2014

'The Walking Dead': Most GIF-Worthy Moments In 'Consumed'

The most memorable moments in the sixth episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season are now immortalized in GIFs. The episode titled 'Consumed' gives viewers some insight into Carol's travels since Rick left her in season four.

Movies/TV Shows November 17, 2014

'American Horror Story: Freak Show': Most GIF-worthy moments in 'Bullseye'

The most memorable moments in the sixth episode of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' are now immortalized in GIFs. The episode titled 'Bullseye' sees Elsa spiraling out of control while Dandy tries to make his visitors happy.

Movies/TV Shows November 13, 2014

'Doctor Who': The 10 best moments from Season 8 in GIFs

Another (all too short) season of 'Doctor Who' has come and gone, and we're left with nothing but memories. Here are ten of our favorites from Peter Capaldi's first season as The Doctor.

Movies/TV Shows November 11, 2014

'The Walking Dead': Most GIF-worthy moments in 'Self Help'

The most memorable moments in the fifth episode of The Walking Dead's fifth season are now immortalized in GIFs. The episode titled 'Self Help' delivers a huge revelation for one of our main characters.

Movies/TV Shows November 10, 2014

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