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This Google Easter Egg Game Will Keep You Busy While Your Internet Connection Is Down

Google has added a simple video game to its app to help entertain users while they wait for internet connection. The game that is just like the 'Flappy Bird can be accessed offline using the Google app or widget.

Apps/Software April 1, 2019

Firefox Unveils New Extension That Recommends Stories Based On Your Browsing Habits, Like An Internet Tour Guide

Mozilla wants users to develop a healthier relationship with the internet. So as part of its Firefox Test Pilot program, it’s releasing Advance, a new feature that recommends stories based on browsing habits, helping users avoid plunging into rabbit holes.

Internet August 8, 2018

Google Chrome Version 67 Will Allow For More Pasword-Less Sign-Ins

Update Google Chrome to version 67 and take advantage of password-free sign-ins, courtesy of the Web Authentication launched this March. The new update is available to download now.

Google May 31, 2018

Google Chrome To Say Farewell To ‘Secure’ URL Label For HTTPS Websites

Google Chrome announced that it would remove a security feature in September. The web platform will automatically assume that HTTPS-powered websites are safe for internet users to enter.

Google May 19, 2018

Google Chrome Crashing, Freezing After Windows 10 April 2018 Update? Microsoft Is Working On It

A bug within the Windows 10 April Update is causing devices to freeze or crash when using Google Chrome. Microsoft, Google, and Intel are now working on a fix.

Apps/Software May 6, 2018

Here Is Our Guide To The Best Web Browser Apps For Android Phones And Tablets

Google Play Store has a large selection of web browsers for Android phones and tablets. Here are some of the best web browser apps featuring incognito mode, add-on extensions, and fast page load time.

Apps/Software January 27, 2018

Mozilla Officially Launches Firefox Quantum: Here Are The Most Important Changes

Watch out, Chrome: Mozilla has officially released Firefox Quantum, the next major update to its flagship browser. It’s faster, cleaner, simple to use, and might even give Chrome a run for its money.

Internet November 14, 2017

Web Of Trust Browser Add-On Sells Your Data: Yes, You Should Uninstall It Now

Web of Trust (WOT) browser add-on was caught selling personal data to third-party. The add-on available for various web browsers announced that it is taking actions to address the matter urgently.

Security November 9, 2016

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Is Best For Windows 10 Battery Life?

Microsoft found that its Edge browser was the most energy- and power-efficient in a series of tests on a Surface Book compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Computers June 20, 2016

Google Wants Chrome Apps, Extensions To Be More Transparent With User Data Collection

Google's newly upgraded User Data Policy for the Chrome Web Store improves the security and privacy offerings for users. The upgraded policy requires apps and extensions to be more transparent with user data collection.

Apps/Software April 18, 2016

Google Rolls Out Chrome 50: Security Fixes, Improved Notification, Dropped Support For Older Windows And OS X Versions

Chrome 50 has been rolled out and Google deems the new browser ready to be released as an OTA update, after 20 security fixes. The update also includes improved push notifications, faster page load but no longer supports the older Windows and OS X versions.

Apps/Software April 15, 2016

Ex-Opera CEO Launches Feature-Packed Vivaldi Browser For Power Users

Hungry for a more power-packed browsing experience? Vivaldi launches Vivaldi 1.0, the company’s pioneering desktop browser designed to meet the demands of power users.

Internet April 6, 2016

Ultrafast Mozilla Servo Browser Engine Set To Enter Alpha Testing In June

Mozilla is preparing an alpha version of Servo, its newest and fastest Web browser engine. The alpha will roll out in June, allowing developers to test it and improve their code.

Apps/Software March 17, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 44 Now Comes With Intrusive Push Notifications That Appear Even When The Site Is Closed

Mozilla has launched the Firefox 44 update, and it came with push notifications for the desktop browser that pop up even when a site is closed.

Apps/Software January 27, 2016

New Web Browser Brave Automatically Removes 'Harmful Advertising'

The new open-source broswer will use a connected private cloud service with anonymous ads. Brave plans to insert 'clean ads' in standardized spaces that are without a persistent user id or re-identifiable cookie.

Internet January 20, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 43 For Windows Finally Goes 64-Bit, Crushes Various Vulnerabilities In The Process

Mozilla officially launched its new Firefox 43 browser, and the biggest highlight is 64-bit support for the Windows version. This will allow for larger apps, faster execution, and enhanced security.

Apps/Software December 16, 2015

Facebook Warns Of Expiring Web Browser Security Algorithm

An important Web security algorithm that is expiring could affect Internet use for those on older browers, Facebook warns. While the algorithm will be replaced for those who are using new browsers, people using older browsers, many of whom live in poorer countries, will be stuck without the soon-to-be unsupported system.

Apps/Software December 11, 2015

Windows 10 Mobile's Edge Browser Tested Against Firefox And Chrome: How Did It Do?

The new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 Mobile has been tested against rivals Chrome and Firefox. Experts suggest that Edge and Windows 10 Mobile may deliver a faster Internet surfing experience than Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer.

Apps/Software November 24, 2015

Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 40 With Windows 10 Support, Better Malware Protection, And More Features

Mozilla unveils an updated Firefox that comes with official support for Windows 10, beefed up security against malware, and gesture-based Android navigation features.

Apps/Software August 13, 2015

Podmasters: Epishow Lets You Create A Podcast With Just A Web Browser

If you've always wanted to start your own podcast but were afraid of the technical aspects, don't give up just yet. Epishow is a new tool designed to make podcast creation simpler.

Apps/Software August 11, 2015

WWDC 2015: Safari Adds Pinned Sites And Tab Muting

Here are a couple of handy new features that Mac users are sure to appreciate in OS X El Capitan's new version of Safari. Now you can pin and mute tabs.

Computers June 8, 2015

BitTorrent's Project Maelstrom Goes Beta: Here's What's New With The Secure Browser

File-sharing site BitTorrent is pushing forward with its vision for a new kind of web, offering up developer tools and expanding the testing group. The quest is to create open Internet that doesn't rely on servers.

Internet Culture April 12, 2015

Ex-Opera CEO Makes Browser For Power Users. Vivaldi May Spark New Battle Of The Browsers

A new web browser wants users to throw as many tabs at it as they want. Vivaldi, Opera's spiritual successor, looks to leverage the niche market of power users.

Apps/Software January 28, 2015

If you love GIFs, you've got to have this Chrome extension

You can add so many extensions to Google Chrome to give you the ultimate web surfing experience. However, none of them will make you as happy as this one.

Internet Culture August 4, 2014

Firefox DRM feature will prevent unauthorized copy of streaming videos: What you should know

Mozilla Firefox users will soon have to put up with some form of DRM and it happens to be Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). Mozilla has decided to incorporate this API into future updates of Firefox due to not wanting to alienate Netflix users or others who rely on particular video streaming services.

Apps/Software May 16, 2014

Scared of IE? You might want to try Chrome or Firefox

Now that the U.S. government has issued a warning about Microsoft's Internet Explorer, users are starting to look at web browser alternatives. Although the IE problem has been patched, many still believe Chrome and Firefox are safer. Which one is best?

Internet May 3, 2014

Mozilla to deliver ads in Firefox browser: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Mozilla has announced Directory Tiles for its Firefox browser that will bring relevant ads and interesting sites to targeted users of the browser via its New Tab page.

Business February 12, 2014

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