CES 2016: Whirlpool's New Smart Washer And Dryer Integrate Amazon Dash Buttons For Easy, Automatic Restocking


As home appliances get loaded with cutting-edge technology, this means they save more water, energy, and money for their owners, and lately they started saving time as well.

Whirlpool is one of the big names in the home appliances industry, equipping its devices with smart technology so users may organize their house chores in more efficient manner.

Thanks to an Amazon Dash embedding, in Whirlpool's 2016 line-up of dishwashers, dryers and top-load washers will be able to order the supplies that you need.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Amazon Dash buttons connect users with specific brands. For example, if you placed an Ariel-branded Dash button on your washing machine, refilling your laundry detergent with products from the British company is just a click away.

Amazon started the Dash Replenishment Service recently, allowing electronics manufacturers to integrate the Dash automated ordering system.

Whirlpool is the first appliance manufacturer that embedded the feature into three of its items: its dryer, top-load washer and dishwasher, respectively.

When purchasing the latest laundry pair or the smart dishwasher, users may link the Whirlpool app to their Amazon account. The laundry pair costs $1,399 for each item. The electronic devices analyze the cycle usage to estimate when your supplies are low, and order cleaning tablets or detergent on

The machines will use cycle usage to estimate when you're running low on supplies such as detergent or cleaning tablets and reorder them for you, making sure you never run out.

"Dash buttons are a great innovation, but a retrofit for people who don't have smart appliances," Whirlpool's senior manager of connected home products, Ben Artis, said.

He went on to say that both Whirlpool and Amazon look forward to a future when even the few button presses that are the staple of today's home appliances will disappear. For now, the Whirlpool mobile app works on both Android and iOS, and replaces the buttons pressed on the items with taps on your smartphone. With a few taps, you can start the appropriate washing or drying program.

Quite useful for the absent minded, the notification will tell you that the program has ended.

Whirlpool also aims to integrate the Nest feature into its smart kitchen suite. The Nest appeared on the company's appliances last year and it was a success.

"Things like lights, appliances, fitness bands and even cars. Because when we make connections between these different parts of your life, we can create personalize experiences that do even more to keep you comfortable and safe," writes Matt Rogers, Nest's founder and head of engineering.

He further pointed out that his company's purpose is to help Nest interact safely with everyday objects, thus increasing the comfort of everyday living.

From the French door refrigerator to the oven and dishwasher, all appliances can use the Nest's Internet integration to schedule or start a series of actions. Examples would be activating a wrinkle-shield when you cannot get to the dryer in time or setting the washing machine in silent mode for those late night washing rounds.

Users will receive a handy reminder from their Nest-connected oven if it's still on when they leave the house. Another way to control the oven is via the Whirlpool app, allowing you to pre-program meals and settings for various cuisine habits.

In-app customization is available for the smart fridge as well. For example, the fridge will spill out ice cubes a lot faster in Party Mode than in Standard Mode.

CES 2016 attendees will be able to witness Whirlpool's future-proof gizmos in action, live in Las Vegas.

We will make sure to report on all the latest home appliance upgrades, so you know what to buy when the old washing-machine or refrigerator dies out.

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