Vancouver-based health hardware manufacturer Mio’s showing off its brand new Slice Activity tracker just ahead of the CES kickoff this week. The slim new band displays the usual cross section of fitness results, including steps count, calories, distance, and features sleep tracking.

The most interesting addition here, however, is what the company refers to as the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI). Culled from the results of an extensive health study of 60,000 people, the metric is said to offer more customized health results than most one-size-fits-all metrics.

PAI’s goals are loftier than the standard New Year’s resolution weight loss targets. According to press material issued by the company, hitting the target score can help individuals “maximize [their] lifespan and reduce [their] risk of lifestyle-related diseases”

The new Slice tracker will be the only of Mio’s products to directly display the PAI score, though others be able to calculate it through the company’s proprietary app.

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