Acton, the company behind those insane electric RockSkates, debuted it latest creation at CES this week. The Blink-Board is an electric skateboard that separates itself from much of the pack with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, making it possible to control the board via smartphone.

With a mobile device in-hand, riders can control the board, record their riding routes, and check a slew of metrics, including speed and battery level. And, since smartphone-connected electric skateboard would be complete without the inclusion of a little social networking, the Blink-Board iOS and Android app also offers a way to connect with fellow riders.

The Blink-Board features a 1500W motor that maxes out at 15 miles per hour. The deck itself is made from Canadian maple, featuring custom patterned designs.

More info is forthcoming, and maybe we’ll even get to take the thing for a spin around the Las Vegas Convention Center before the week is out. Meantime, we’re going to have to rely on some renders and the power of imagination.

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