French company Withings is back with a cool new addition to its line of consumer-focused health products. The Thermo looks to do for the household thermometer what Nest did for the thermostat, with a slick design, results that are easy to read and smart Wi-Fi connectivity.

The device, which makes its big debut today in the lead-up to CES, features 16 built-in infrared sensors, which detect heat from the temporal artery, detecting the patient’s temperature without motion or scanning, talking 4,000 measurements in all of two seconds.

After being run through the system, the temperature is then displayed on the side of the device with a color-coded LED display that lights green for normal and red for elevated temperatures. The Thermo also sends the information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a connected device, where temperature trends can be moderated by parents.

The Thermo is arriving this quarter and is priced at $100. Withings will also be releasing an Android and iOS app for the device.

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