Google's Nest has pretty much been the go-to for smart thermostats over the past few years, but it seems like it might be getting some more competition in the near future.

Honeywell has announced an updated version of its Lyric smart thermostat, with it now being able to integrate with Apple's HomeKit and costing $249.99.

HomeKit support is a key feature for Lyric. While both Nest and the previous version of Lyric could both be controlled through an app on the iPhone, enabling the system to be controlled through HomeKit will help it talk to all the other connected devices in the user's home. So, for example, users could theoretically set up systems where heating and air conditioning turn on with separate temperature monitors in different rooms.

Of course, Lyric will continue to work with Samsung's SmartThings as well, however, the update will put Lyric in a prime position against the likes of Nest, which seems a little unlikely to add HomeKit support given the fact that it is owned by Google. Lyric also isn't the first or only HomeKit smart thermostat, but it certainly is one of the few. HomeKit users have long needed a smart thermostat that fills the hole that Nest would otherwise fill, and now, they might just have one.

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Via: The Verge

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