Here's that cool new thermometer we told you about earlier. Remember how you were like "cool new thermometer, that'll be the day?" Yeah, well here it is in the flesh, and it's pretty cool. At leas so far as, you know, thermometers are concerned.

The Thermo's a white, cylindrical object around 5 inches in length with green accents that bring to mind those XO laptops from OLPC. You grab the long end with two fingers and hold the round green bit up the side of the patient's temple and within a matter of seconds, you've got a temperature reading courtesy of all of those on-board infrared sensors. Thermo sends the information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a connected device, where temperature trends can be monitored.

The Withings rep I spoke with referred to the Thermo as "the first Wi-FI-connected thermometer," and I admittedly laughed a bit — but I didn't really mean it.

Sure, it sounds silly like so many other smart devices, but when you open up the Withings app and look at a chart of temperatures, it's easy to see how such a device could be a lifesaver for young children, particularly those who can't hold a thermometer under their tongue for a few minutes without squirming.

The Thermo is set for release this quarter, priced at $100.

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