Sometimes this job is tough. And sometimes you get paid to drink wine. The kind folks at 10-Vins thankfully made the latter possible with the D-Vine, which was on display at tonight's CES kickoff event.

I've seen the product described as a "Nespresso of Wine" in other outlets. It's not an unfair description. Basically the thing is a big metal box that decants wine in under a minute, while adjusting it to the proper temperature. I'm not really much of a wine drinker (get me a device that distills whiskey in seconds and we'll talk), but I'm told these are important things.

The company provides a series of vials of wine from different vinyards and an app that helps you figure out the proper pairing for a meal. Once you've landed on a choice, you put the vial in the machine. A few seconds later, the wine dispenses, a bit like a soda machine. It's made to work with 10-Vins bottles that come with a microchip that contains the decanting information and temperature, and the chip then programs the wine's temperature drop or rise in real time for a different decantation tailored to each wine.

The D-Vine is targeted toward home users — albeit ones who are really, really into their wine. It'll run $250 here in the States.

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