And get this, it's called "Code-A-Pillar." Pretty adorable, right?

Targeted at "the future coders of 2035," the $50 Think & Learn 'bot features different modules (segments) that correspond to various action and directional commands like moving left and moving right.

The wee coder clips the segments together, hits play, and the Code-A-Pillar goes to town, executing the commands in sequence. It's all extremely basic, so far as actual coding goes, but the idea here is to present an extremely simple casual relationship to help young brains grasp the building blocks of coding.

Did I mention how adorable the thing is? The big cartoon caterpillar lights up and cruises around, bringing a level of fun to what's ostensibly an educational toy. Fisher-Price has also created an app designed to offer kids more complex tasks ask they develop.

The cute little larvae will run $50 when it launches in June.

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