Hyundai Mobis doesn't seem interested in bridging the gap from side mirrors to cameras with possible camera-embedded side mirrors.

No, the auto supplier would rather replace side mirrors with cameras, altogether, as evidenced by its digital instrument cluster heads-up display, which Tech Times had an opportunity to go hands-on with in Hyundai Mobis's booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, on Wednesday.

When Tech Times got to experience Hyundai Mobis's heads-up display, the seamless cluster of integration was pretty evident, putting real-time navigational maps alongside miles per hour and gas.

But more than that, it was glaringly obvious how effective the side cameras were over traditional side mirrors. For starters, the cameras eliminate the need for drivers to glance over to their side mirrors — albeit only for a second — by putting everything on each the left and right side onto the heads-up display.

What's especially intriguing is Mobis was able to achieve sharp, real-time footage with fisheye cameras of only two megapixels apiece. Imagine if that megapixel count went up and the real-time footage got that much sharper.

Although the concept isn't anything new, as BMW, for one, has been somewhat of a pioneer in trying to get auto regulators to do away with side mirrors for cameras, Mobis adds some extra wrinkles that makes its heads-up display unit especially pop.

For instance, it integrated an airbag to the system, making the it forseeably that much more ready to be implemented ... and soon. 

The question is, how long will it take before this concept could be a standard across the auto industry?

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