Intel made (pardon the pun) waves yesterday by demoing the Typhoon H, a drone created in collaboration with Yuneec that sports some pretty cool tricks, courtesy of the chip maker's RealSense 3D camera technology.

The quadcopter was in full force when the doors to CES officially opened this morning, and it's a pretty impressive demo. The drone can either by controlled by following around a moving point, or it can operate fully autonomously, which is where the real fun comes in.

The drone utilizes the aforementioned RealSense 3D, which has three built-in cameras — vision, infrared and infrared laser projecting — to determine depth and help detect objects around it.

That sensing helps the UAV detect and avoid swift-moving objects, such as a falling fake tree that the company offered up in yesterday's demo — an ongoing threat for the drones of the world.

This particular model will run $1,799 at retail, but the demo really felt like a long-awaited real-world demo of a technology that Intel has been taking up for some time — one that will likely show up in a lot more drones in the not-too-distant future.

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