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University Event Takes A Long And Hard Look At Drone Traffic

The University of Utah's Electronic Arts and Engineering program students developed an app that can help mitigate drone traffic in Salt Lake City. The app is named Drone Command, and it was unveiled at EAE Launch Day.

Apps/Software April 30, 2019

Tiny Sensor Turns Bees Into Live Drones That Can Monitor Farm Crops

A group of researchers from the University of Washington created a technology that will enable bees to become a drone. Unlike man-made techs, the insects can fly up to seven hours.

Innovators/Innovations December 14, 2018

3-D Printing To The Rescue Of US Military. Printing Drones On Demand Is On Its Way

A new technology developed through the joint efforts of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps will allow the U.S. warfighters to develop its own Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Defense January 3, 2018

Falcon Attack Strategy May One Day Inspire New Visually Guided Drones

Researchers said the peregrine falcons' attack strategy may one day inspire new visually guided drones that can target rogue drones. They fit these birds with video cameras and GPS to study how they move and swoop down on their preys.

Animals December 6, 2017

Amazon's Idea For A Drone Hub Looks Like A Futuristic Beehive

Amazon’s latest patent is for a drone delivery hub that accommodates easy landing and take-off for drones. The openings multi-level building’s multiple openings at the exterior makes it look like a futuristic beehive.

Innovators/Innovations June 25, 2017

DJI's No-Fly Zones For Its Drones Now Include Huge Parts Of Iraq And Syria

Drone maker DJI has added parts of war-torn Iraq and Syria in its list of no-fly zones. The move came in light of news of terrorist organizations using drones as improvised weapons in the said countries.

Safety & Regulations April 27, 2017

US Ally Takes Down $200 Drone From Amazon With Patriot Missile Worth $3 Million

A modern Samson versus Goliath story with a twist. A U.S. ally shoots at a suspicious low-cost drone using the Patriot, a super expensive high-powered missile.

Defense March 18, 2017

Fly Your Drone Responsibly, Else You Can End Up Paying A Fine Or Even Serve Jail Sentence

A Seattle man was sentenced to a month in prison due to an accident involving his drone, which he was controlling at that time. The incident once again raises the question of safety and responsibility regarding drones.

Safety & Regulations February 28, 2017

Passenger Drones To Fly Over Dubai Skies Very Soon But Will It Reach The US?

The EHang 184 passenger drone will soon grace the Dubai skyline. The human-sized quadcopter capable of ferrying a single passenger could fly over Dubai skies by July but will it also reach America?

Car Tech February 14, 2017

This Parrot Wore Goggles, Flew Through A Laser Sheet For Research

A parrot trained to wear safety goggles and fly through a laser sheet has helped scientists discover new insights into flight physics. The findings can help improve the design of flying robots and drones, researchers said.

Animals December 6, 2016

Amazon Cyber Week 2016 Deals And Sales Guide: Headphones, TV, Laptops, Drones, Cameras, 3D Printers, Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers And More

Cyber Week 2016 has started and a number of retailers have started offering discounts on many products. Here are some tech deals that Amazon is offering as part of Cyber Week 2016.

Gadgets November 28, 2016

DroneGun Can Bring Down Pesky Drones: Anti-Drone Gun Jams Signals From 1.2 Miles Away

DroneGun can take down a drone within a 2-kilometer (1.2-mile) range. It is primarily useful to law enforcement agencies since it can force the drone fly back to where it came from so its operator can be traced.

Gadgets November 28, 2016

Domino's Makes World's First Drone Pizza Delivery In New Zealand

Domino's and Flirtey have made the first drone delivery of pizza in New Zealand. The two believe that they are inching closer to store-to-home drone delivery.

Gadgets November 17, 2016

DJI Unleashes Phantom 4 Pro Drone: New 1-Inch Sensor Camera, 4K Video And Smarter Navigation

DJI has introduced the successor of the Phanton 4 drone called Phantom 4 Pro. The new drone has enhanced features and it is available at a price tag of $1,499.

Gadgets November 16, 2016

How To Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered Wi-Fi Drone Disabler

Drones with high-quality video recording features, sold at an affordable price, have been the cause of alarm for some people because of the possibility to invade privacy. But disabling these drones is now possible through a Raspberry Pi disabling system.

Robotics November 5, 2016

GoPro Karma Foldable Drone Breaks Cover: Price, Specs, Release Date And All You Need To Know [Video]

The GoPro unveils the Karma consumer aerial drone. It will come with a 3-axis stabilizer, the Karma Grip, the Karma controller and a backpack with molded interior for storing the foldable drone, along with the controller and the handle.

Gadgets September 20, 2016

Hover Camera Is The Foldable And Flying Drone That Can Follow You Autonomously

Hover Camera is a super light, foldable and self-flying drone, built by Zero Zero Robotics to up the game of aerial photographers and videographers. True to its name, the machine hovers quite steadily while tracking and detecting human shapes and faces.

Gadgets April 27, 2016

NASA, FAA Complete Most Complex Drone Traffic Management Test, Juggling 22 Drones At Once

NASA and FAA test site operators successfully flew 22 drones simultaneously in order to assess the former's UTM research platform used in rural operations. The space agency also plans to hand over its UTM research in 2019 to the aviation authority for more testing.

Robotics April 26, 2016

FAA: Shooting Down A Drone Is A Federal Crime

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has decreed that a drone qualifies as an aircraft and, therefore, shooting it down is a federal offense and could land one in prison for up to 20 years.

April 19, 2016

Zipline Aims To Use Fleet Of Drones To Deliver Medicine To Rural Places In Developing Countries

Zipline's Zip aircraft can deliver medicines and blood vials in rural African clinics even in adverse weather conditions. The service will initially start in Rwanda in July.

Business April 5, 2016

Hydrogen-Powered Drone Flies 6 Times Longer Than Drones Using Normal Battery

Intelligent Energy's hydrogen-powered drones can be airborne for about a couple of hours. A typical drone using a normal battery can fly for up to 20 minutes only.

Gadgets March 29, 2016

FAA Predicts Drones Will Number 7 Million By 2020

FAA predicted that the number of drones that will fly in the sky by 2020 will reach 7 million. With this, the agency plans to boost its educational campaign to ensure safe and efficient flying.

Business March 26, 2016

Lufthansa Jet Nearly Collided With Drone Near LA Airport

A Lufthansa jet plane nearly collided with a drone near the Los Angeles International Airport. The police department is still looking for the owner of the unmanned aircraft.

Society March 19, 2016

Droneboarding Could Be The Hottest New Thing In Sports – But Only If We Get Bigger Drones

An inventive father has just made his son the world's first droneboard. The improvised winter sport involves attaching a rope and a handle to a drone and letting the machine take the snowboarder for a ride.

Gadgets January 31, 2016

Eight Hexacopters Combine Forces to Score the World Drone Weightlifting Record

They lifted 134 pounds up for 37 seconds.

Gadgets January 21, 2016

German Researchers Demonstrate Landing Drone On A Moving Car

German Aerospace Center researchers believe this could pave the way for drones to be manufactured without landing gear, making them lighter and more efficient.

FUTURE TECH January 19, 2016

Intel CEO Believes Drones Could Replace Fireworks Soon: Here's A Small Taste Of The Future

Intel and Austria's Ars Electronica Futurelab collaborated to set a new Guinness World Record for conducting the Most Unmanned Arial Vehicles Airborne Simultaneously. Intel's chief believes drones will replace fireworks in the near future.

FUTURE TECH January 17, 2016

Spectacular Intel 'Drone 100' Lit Up The Sky And Broke World Records [Video]

Intel made history after successfully staging a spectacular display of drones in Germany. With 100 small drones involved, the performance earned a new world record title for the ‘Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles airborne simultaneously.’

FUTURE TECH January 13, 2016

A Look At EHang’s Giant Passenger Drone

The drone is as terrifying as it is neat.

FUTURE TECH January 7, 2016

EHang Has Announced A Passenger Drone That Flies At 60 MPH

Drone-maker EHang has announced a new quadcopter designed to carry people. The drone is able to fly at up to 60 mph, and can carry a person who weighs up to 260 pounds.

Gadgets January 6, 2016

A Look At Intel’s Obstacle-Avoiding Drone

The Typhoon H utilizes the company's RealSense 3D camera to avoid things that get in its way.

Gadgets January 6, 2016

Hands-On With The Parrot Disco Developmental Fixed-Wing Drone

The drone is being tested to deliver 45 minutes of flight time, equipped with a 1080p fisheye-lens camera.

Gadgets January 4, 2016

Hands-On With The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone With 4K Video Camera At CES 2016

Hard to beat with a $999 price tag.

Gadgets January 4, 2016

NASA's New Virtual Leash Can Stop Drones From Getting In Trouble

NASA has created the ultimate drone contingency plan: a virtual leash called Safeguard that keeps drones from getting lost or flying into a no-fly zone.

FUTURE TECH December 18, 2015

Watch This R2-D2 Drone Take To The Sky

An aerial cinematographer has built an R2-D2 drone that beeps and whistles, can capture footage through its camera eye and can fly.

Gadgets December 16, 2015

Buh-Bye Range Anxiety: Prototype Hydrogen Fuel Cell Could Give Drones Longer Flight Time

Intelligent Energy has developed a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell offers longer flight time to drones. The prototype will be unveiled at the International CES 2016 starting Jan. 6.

Gadgets December 15, 2015

Toddler Left One-Eyed After Errant Drone Sliced His Eyeball In Half

A British toddler was blinded in one eye when an out-of-control drone rammed into his face. The 18-month old will need to have several surgeries before a prosthetic eye can be given.

FUTURE TECH December 3, 2015

Feel Like You're Flying With This Livestreaming Paper Airplane Drone

PowerUp's latest Kickstarter campaign aims to produce an FPV drone that lets users see what it's like to take to the skies while staying firmly on the ground.

FUTURE TECH December 2, 2015

US Air Force Hires Civilian Drone Operators To Control Surveillance Drones

The U.S. Air Force has hired defense contractors that operates some of the MQ-9 Reaper drones for surveillance. The civilian pilots flying these drones are not allowed to fire missiles.

FUTURE TECH November 30, 2015

DJI Boasts $15000 Agricultural Drone For Spraying Crops To 'Open The Next Chapter Of Agriculture'

The use of drones in agricultural industry could earn huge potential growth. DJI is launching an eight-rotor model designed to spray seven to 10 acre-wide of crops land initially in China and Korea before launching in other markets.

FUTURE TECH November 28, 2015

Best Drone Deals For Black Friday From Best Buy, Target And Walmart: DJI Phantom, 3DR Sol Drone, Sky Viper And More

For those wanting to finally get a drone, Black Friday is the time to finally make the jump for a good deal on a drone. Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other retail stores are offering as much as $200 off and more on drones.

Gadgets November 19, 2015

Parrot Unveils A Luxury All-In-One Drone, The Bebop 2

Parrot has unveiled its next drone iteration: the Bebop 2 quadcopter, which is due out on Dec. 18.

FUTURE TECH November 17, 2015

Someone Drove a Drone Straight Into Seattle's Giant Ferris Wheel

An unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into Seattle's giant Ferris wheel around 4 p.m. on Nov. 11.

FUTURE TECH November 12, 2015

Watch A Toy R/C Plane Land On A Toy Aircraft Carrier

Two years ago, the team behind a 13-foot replica of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk was able to launch a remote-controlled plane from the aircraft carrier, but they weren't able to land it — until now, that is.

Gadgets November 12, 2015

OpenROV's Co-Founder Discusses the Future of Underwater Exploration

The co-founder of an underwater drone startup talk about their plans to further deep sea exploration.

FUTURE TECH November 12, 2015

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