Basic navigational mapping leaves a lot to be desired.

Bosch recognized that loud and clear and did something about it via its Connected Horizon software/interface, which delves deeper, taking basic navigational mapping to new levels.

The company unveiled the system in its booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, on Wednesday.

Connected Horizon taps into the topology of roads, offering drivers real-time alerts for road hazards such as accidents and construction, all the way down to potholes. It doesn't stop there, either. The system also provides alerts for potentially-dangerous and sharp curves in roads, speed limits to be aware of and even jam tail warnings for when traffic suddenly comes to a screeching halt behind a truck, let's say.

Bosch's system achieves this by operating on a cloud-based platform, which is able to build and store a massive amount of real-time knowledge about roads.

A Bosch rep told Tech Times that Mercedes-Benz trucks will test out Connected Horizon, as the system continues its developmental stage.

Connected Horizon could impact vehicles on a more widespread basis next year to early 2018.

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