I won't mention the other thin and light laptop that everyone seems to be comparing to the HP EliteBook Folio. I'll just leave some of these pictures here and let you draw your own conclusions.

Instead, let's discuss the laptop itself. It's an awfully nice looking piece of machinery. In fact, it's HP's thinnest and lightest notebook to date, measuring in at 12.4 millimeters, just under a half-inch, and weighing in at under 2.2 pounds.

The laptop's got a a nice brushed-metal finish — the one we took a look at here at CES had a sort of a gold-ish hue to it that doesn't quite match the shiny silver piano hinge that rotates the screen 180-degrees. The 12.5-inch display comes in an optional 4K version, which rocks an impressive 352 PPI.

The full-size keyboard is solid, if a little soft — but nothing that users of the unmentioned computer maker aren't already used to on their own thin and light device. Interesting, the computer only features two ports, both USB-C with Thunderbolt and both on the same side. This being a business-minded laptop, that'll do the trick for when you want to plug the laptop into a monitor.

Speaking of work, the laptop's got some interesting features like devoted Skype buttons along the top row. And then there's the decidedly less business-focused Bang & Olufsen speakers on the bottom of the device. The computer actually features too-large bumpers to ensure that they're not muffled when the EliteBook is lying flat.

The Laptop is shipping in March for a starting price of $999.

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