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Someone Just Bought A Laptop Full Of Malware For $1.3 Million

Where do you put a laptop filled with malware? In the trash, of course. Well, someone just paid $1.3 million for one — for the sake of art, no less.

Security May 28, 2019

Laptop Guide Holiday 2018: How To Find The Perfect Laptop For You

Finding the perfect laptop is important. Tech Times has written a definitive laptop guide for those planning to buy one this holiday season, whether for their social media-savvy nephews or hardcore gamer nieces.

Computers December 24, 2018

Samsung Chromebook Plus Goes Up For Sale On Amazon, Best Buy And More

Samsung launched the Chromebook Plus at the CES 2017 and now the device is available for purchase. Customers can buy the laptop for $449 from the company's own website or Amazon and Best Buy.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 13, 2017

Students Required To Disable MacBook Pro's Touch Bar: Here's How To Do It

The Board of Law Examiners of the State of North Carolina announced that the bar exam applicants using the new version of MacBook Pro have to disable its Touch Bar. This is a step towards preventing cheating during the exams.

Apple January 31, 2017

MacBook Pro Saves Man's Life In Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

The shooting rampage at Florida’s Fort Lauderdale airport left many injured and five dead. However, a 37-year-old man miraculously survived the ordeal as his life was saved by the MacBook Pro.

Apple January 8, 2017

Amazon Cyber Week 2016 Deals And Sales Guide: Headphones, TV, Laptops, Drones, Cameras, 3D Printers, Tablets, Bluetooth Speakers And More

Cyber Week 2016 has started and a number of retailers have started offering discounts on many products. Here are some tech deals that Amazon is offering as part of Cyber Week 2016.

Gadgets November 28, 2016

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Review Roundup: Is The OLED Display Enough To Make You Want It?

People have been eager to get their hands on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga with OLED display since its CES 2016 debut. However, now that the first batches have arrived, how exactly will the 2-in-1 fare against reviewers' scrutiny?

Computers August 30, 2016

Asus ZenBook 3 Introduced: Has Apple's MacBook Met Its Match?

Asus has unveiled its ultra-portable and svelte laptop dubbed the ZenBook 3, which weighs only 910 grams. The Asus laptop is expected to go on sale from Q3 2016 and will start at $999.

Computers May 30, 2016

Adafruit Is Now Selling Pi-Top, A Laptop Creation Kit For Raspberry Pi Users

Raspberry Pi is not included in the kit, but it comes with the basics — a laptop screen, base top, base bottom and Pi-Top Hub PCB for power management.

Computers May 3, 2016

HP's EliteBook Folio Is Drawing Comparisons To A Certain Ultrathin Laptop

It rhymes with Backbook Bear.

Computers January 6, 2016

Confirmed: Two Xiaomi Linux Laptops All Set For Mass Production In 2016

The release of Xiaomi's first line of laptops has been confirmed by a collaborative partner company. Talk of the Chinese manufacturer unveiling two laptop models, a 12.5-inch and 13.3-inch, has surfaced.

Computers October 28, 2015

LG Gram Ultra PC Is The First LG Laptop For The US: How Does It Stack Up Against The MacBook Air?

LG has finally decided to release its notebooks to the U.S. market. The weight, thinness and premium price of the new LG Gram directly challenges the MacBook Air.

Computers October 1, 2015

Acer Chromebook 15 Review Roundup: Is It Better Than Your Usual Chromebook?

With reviewers lauding the Chromebook 15 for its all-round performance, budget-friendly price, good battery life and 1080p IPS screen, the latest laptop seems set to change the way how Chromebooks are perceived.

Computers March 19, 2015

Buy The New MacBook Or Go Non-Apple: MacBook 2015 vs. Dell XPS 13 (2015) vs. Asus Zenbook UX305 vs. Lenovo Yoga 3

The big push is on to be sleek and skinny, but consumers also want speed and battery stamina. Let's take a look at how laptop makers are striving to deliver everything a consumer wants without pulling features that consumers love.

Computers March 11, 2015

Here's How You Can Fix Your Apple MacBook Pro (2011-2013 Editions) Video Issues For Free

Apple finally offers a repair program for certain MacBook Pro owners after three years of complaints regarding glitchy video functionality. It's even willing to refund repairs that owners may have made while waiting for Apple to take action.

Computers February 22, 2015

Asus Unveils Ultraslim ZenBook UX305: Core M 5Y10 Chip, 256 GB SSD, 13.3-Inch IPS Display

PC maker claims it's the slimmest ultraportable at 0.48-inch thin and weighing 2.6 lbs. Pricing starts at $699.

Computers February 17, 2015

Dell XPS 13 iFixit Teardown Reveals Innards of Potential MacBook Air Killer

Inside the XPS 13, Dell's answer to the MacBook Air.

Geek February 16, 2015

Laptop Review: Which Should Santa Buy? Get the Scoop, Specs on Latest Mobile PCs

Tech Times compares some of the best laptops in a range of categories starting from low-end Chromebooks and ending with mobile computers that roam the high end. We're focusing on those that arrived in the fall of 2014.

Computers December 17, 2014

HP debuts cheaper, smaller but Office friendly, stream of Windows 8 laptops

Hewlett-Packard offers lower cost, lighter options in its Stream line of laptops and tablets. The 11.6-inch HP Stream costs just $200 and can run Microsoft Office programs.

Computers October 1, 2014

HP yanks 6 million laptop power cords, citing potential fire hazard

Hewlett-Packard has announced a recall of a line of power cords after reports of problems arose. The company is to replace all cords sold during a two-year time frame after minor burns and charring were reported.

Computers August 27, 2014

Chromebook sales expected to hit 14.2 million by 2017. What's causing the surge?

Chromebook sales are projected to reach 5.2 million before the end of the year. The number can nearly triple within the next three years.

Computers August 13, 2014

Microsoft, HP sets sights on beating Google and its Chromebook

Microsoft and HP are looking to get into the budget laptop market. The move should put a little scare into Google and its Chromebooks, as reports suggest this model will be cheaper.

Computers July 15, 2014

Intel thinner, smaller tablet chip may lead to fan-less tablets, laptops

Intel is going thinner with new tablet chips. The move has also made it possible for the first-ever fan-less laptop.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 3, 2014

New MacBook Air gets cheaper and faster: Buh-bye laptops?

Apple launches new MacBook Air. But most analysts see little more than speed upgrades in the new models.

Computers April 30, 2014

Toshiba goes Technicolor with $1,499 4K Satellite P55t laptop

Toshiba will attempt to lure film buffs and professional photographers and videographers with its latest high-end laptop. It's the company's first to feature a 4K display and be Technicolor Color Certified.

Computers April 15, 2014

FINsix super-small laptop charger makes shocking gains on Kickstarter

FINsix's lightweight laptop charger is charging ahead on Kickstarter, gathering almost half its pledge goal in less than one day. It hopes the crowdsourcing campaign helps it deliver a super-light and small charger.

Gadgets April 14, 2014

Dell unveils ruggedized Latitude laptops, built for the battlefield and school yard

Dell has rolled out a couple of Latitude laptops that can not only survive in a war zone, but not break down while being handled by what some might call an even tougher user - school children. To prove how tough these laptops are Dell showed them off operating in an arctic environment during a press conference held in New York.

Computers April 2, 2014

Google Now arrives on Chrome for Mac and Windows users

Google has rolled out Google Now for those using a desktop or laptop. Find out what's in store for its users.

Computers March 25, 2014

Dell Latitude 13 laptops are childproof and ready for school

Dell's milspec testing of its new Latitude 13 Educational Series laptops may have gone above and beyond what the computers will have to endure in a classroom, but the company said these battlefield-ready devices are able to stand up to whatever a milk spilling, sticky-fingered kid can dish out.

Computers March 6, 2014

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