Of all the Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, only one truly stands out: TR-8R. That's the name fans have given the baton-wielding, traitor-yelling First Order Stormtrooper who throws down with Finn in the film.

He's spawned countless memes and jokes since the movie released, but fans have been wondering if there is more to the character than meets the eye. How does he know Finn by sight? Where did he get those baton-twirling skills? Is he still alive after the events of The Force Awakens?

Starwars.com is now answering some of those questions, having issued the character's official backstory on the site. TR-8R's "real" name is FN-2199, and he goes by the nickname Nines. Turns out that Nines and Finn actually served on a squad together before the events of the movie, as detailed in Greg Rucka's book "Before The Awakening." Nines has red hair and can be seen in the image below sitting in the background.

The reason Nines gets to use that cool electric baton is that he is a part of First Order riot control, a subdivision of Stormtroopers that suppresses uprisings and maintains order through painful, yet nonlethal, force. Even if the baton technically is nonlethal, the website says Nines definitely could have killed Finn with it given the chance.

Though Nines does get the better of Finn in the movie, Finn is saved by a blaster bolt from Han just before Nines lands the killing blow. Nine's goes flying off screen from the force of the blast. Does that mean everybody's favorite Stormtrooper is dead? Starwars.com hopes not.

"Let's hope we haven't seen the last of Nines. Or TR-8R," the site says. "Who wouldn't want to see Round 2 ... and all the memes it could inspire?"

Given the character's massive popularity, we wouldn't be surprised if Nines, aka TR-8R, returns in Episode VIII. Maybe him and Finn can have a rematch?

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