Alienware has teased a new 13-inch gaming laptop that is set to be, according to the company, the first gaming notebook with an OLED display.

OLED technology basically uses organic layers rather than crystalline structures to display information. What this means is that the screen is able to display at broader viewing angles while using a lot less energy than others.

Not only that, but OLED displays are also able to output much deeper black levels because the technology doesn't use a backlight, which can sometimes brighten blacks up on other display types.

Last but not least, OLED displays are able to refresh much faster, reducing stutter, which can be very helpful in gaming situations.

While the tech is seen as a lot better than other types of displays, it also costs a lot more, which is why it has largely been limited to high-end televisions and some gaming systems.

Alienware, which is owned by Dell, isn't giving away too much information about the computer at this point, however, it has said that the new computer will resemble the current non-OLED 13-inch laptop that it offers. Reports indicate that the screen will have a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440, along with specs similar to those found on the last Alienware computers, including sixth-generation Skylake processors. Users should also be able to buy the computer around mid-April, and it will be priced starting at $1,499.

Via: Digital Trends

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