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Dell Unveils New G Series Laptops For Gamers On A Budget

A press release from Dell confirmed its new gaming laptop lineup called the G Series. The budget-friendly options come with capable hardware with optional upgrades for gamers who want something extra.

Computers April 4, 2018

Alienware Inks Exclusivity Deal For AMD's Ryzen Threadripper: Area-51 To Be The Only PC With The 16-Core Beast In 2017

Alienware's Area-51 gaming PC will be the only prebuilt machine that'll come with AMD's 16-core Ryzen Threadripper in 2017. DIY desktop builders don't have to worry, though.

Computers June 13, 2017

Dell's Inspiron 7000 Is The Budget Gaming Laptop Crammed With GTX 1050: Prices Start At $799

Dell's latest budget Inspiron 7000 is outfitted with Nvidia's latest GTX 1050 technology, which can purportedly bring desktop-level gaming to laptops. According to the company, it is answering the public's clamor for consumer-friendly mobile gaming rigs.

Computers January 4, 2017

Best Gaming Laptops: Razer Blade Pro, HP Omen, Alienware 13, And More

If you are in the market for the best gaming laptop, check out these five rigs available in 2016 that can provide you with top-notch performance. Some will even add some style and an array of customizations to your gaming experience.

Computers December 25, 2016

Alienware 13 Is A 13-Inch VR-Ready Laptop: GeForce GTX 1060, Intel Skylake Make It A Portable Beast

Alienware has released a powerful new 13-inch laptop designed to take on virtual reality experiences. The Alienware 13 sports a GTX 1060 series graphics card and a sixth-generation Intel Skylake processor with a base price of $1,199.

Computers November 1, 2016

New Alienware Gaming Laptops Sport Eye-Tracking And GTX 10-Series Video Cards

Alienware announced that it will roll out a new set of gaming laptops, packed with Nvidia’s latest GTX graphic chips. The 17-inch flagship will sport Tobii’s eye movement tracking technology, making gamers’ lives even better.

Computers September 2, 2016

Alienware To Launch High-End Gaming Space And VR Lounge In Sydney

Alienware is bringing its newest lineup of desktops and laptops to Australia! Alienware Live AU is a high-end gaming space with a dedicated VR lounge.

Video Games August 2, 2016

Microsoft PC Sale: You Can Save Up To $1000 On Alienware, Razer Blade, Lenovo, Dell And Other Brands

If you’re looking for the latest desktop and laptop sales online, look no further than Microsoft Stores’ current PC Sale. The company is offering up to $1,000 price cuts off the leading brands in today’s market.

Microsoft June 20, 2016

E3 2016: Alienware Goes All Out With OLED Laptop And Powerful Desktops

Alienware celebrated its 20th anniversary by going all out in this year’s E3 convention. The Dell subsidiary unveiled three new powerful desktop computers and its much-awaited Alienware 13 OLED-display gaming laptop.

Computers June 15, 2016

Is Your PC Ready For The Oculus Rift? Find Out Now With This Useful Tool

Planning to preorder an Oculus Rift VR headset, but not sure if it will be compatible with your PC? The company now offers a tool that potential customers can download to check if their PC is Rift-ready.

Wearable Tech January 11, 2016

Gaming PCs At CES 2016: Razer Stealth Ultrabook, Alienware X51 R3, GT72S Tobii And More

At the International CES, hardware vendors have shown off rigs that'll bulldoze 4K and VR content – from gaming laptops to desktops for VR headsets. Sadly, not all of them are available right now.

Computers January 9, 2016

Have $1,600 To Spare? You Can Buy A New Alienware Gaming PC With Oculus Rift

PC gamers can now enjoy VR gaming on their machines with the latest offered gaming bundle from Oculus and Alienware. Oculus will reportedly slash $200 off its VR headset priced originally at $600, while Alienware and Dell PCs will both have a starting price of $1,199.

Computers January 8, 2016

The New Alienware 13-Inch Laptop Features An OLED Display

Alienware has announced that its new 13-inch gaming laptop will be the first ever to feature an OLED display. OLED displays offer a number of advantages, including wider viewing angles and faster refresh rates.

Computers January 7, 2016

Valve’s First Batch Of Steam Machines Now Available Starting At $449

The first three families of Steam Machines are now available to the masses. There are just three available at the moment, but more will roll out soon.

Video Games November 11, 2015

Alienware Steam Machine First Impressions: Will It Kill The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One?

Alienware's first Steam Machine has been spotted out in the wild. Here's what some of the early reviewers are saying.

Video Games October 16, 2015

Bought Alienware Gaming Laptop With Haswell Or Broadwell Chips? You Might Be Eligible For Free Skylake Upgrade

Frank Azor promises and delivers. Surprising upgrades for the latest line of laptops from Alienware, and the price is out of this world.

Computers September 11, 2015

Alienware Unveils Updates To Its X51 PC, Laptops And More

Pax Prime is already underway in Seattle. At the annual gaming convention, Alienware has revealed some new updates to its X51 desktop, laptops and Graphics Amplifier.

Computers August 27, 2015

Alienware Steam Machine Available 4Q 2015 Starting At $449.99

Alienware Steam Machine is now available for pre-orders beginning June 4 with a starting price of $449.99. Gamers would be receiving their pre-ordered Steam Machines as early as Oct. 16.

Video Games June 6, 2015

First Official Steam Machine System Arrives In October

For those gamers looking to try a different form of PC gaming, Alienware and CyberPower plans on shipping its first Steam Machine to customers in October, with the system hitting retail shelves in November.

Computers June 4, 2015

Best Alienware Gaming Laptop: Alienware 13 vs. Alienware 15 vs. Alienware 17

The Alienware brand is one of the most popular among gaming computers. Customers looking to pick up a gaming laptop can choose between the Alienware 13, Alienware 15 and Alienware 17.

Computers May 30, 2015

eBay Memorial Day Sale Best Deals On Laptops: Apple MacBook, HP Envy, Dell XPS 13, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga And More

Planning to buy a new laptop? eBay’s Memorial Day Sale is raining down some pretty amazing deals on laptops for you to check out.

Computers May 22, 2015

Best Gaming Laptops 2015: Alienware 17, Razer Blade 14, Asus RoG G751,MSI GE70 Apache, And More

The tech world's gaming market is filled with a number of gaming laptops from companies dedicated to groundbreaking technology. These choice offerings can stand up to the demands of the most complex and resource-consuming software.

Computers February 21, 2015

Dell unveils Alienware 13 laptop, Alienware graphics amplifier, Area-51 gaming desktop

Dell is stepping up its gaming system lineup, headlines by the Alienware graphics amplifier that allows the Alienware 13 laptop to work as a high-end gaming desktop.

Computers October 28, 2014

Alienware redesigns Area-51 gaming desktop: It's cool. It's weird. It's powerful.

Dell's Alienware has just unveiled its new Area-51 gaming desktop. The system comes with high-end specs such as Intel's Haswell E-core processors and X99 chipset-based motherboards.

Computers September 2, 2014

Alienware Area-51 gaming rig is out of this world: Here's why

Dell's Alienware has unveiled a refresh to its classic Area-51 gaming computer, featuring an all-new design with enough power under the hood to match the futuristic design.

Computers August 31, 2014

Alienware gives Area-51 gaming desktop an out of this world facelift

The Area-51 gaming desktop model has received a makeover. In its new avatar, the system touts a hexagonal design which promotes efficient cooling and ergonomics.

Computers August 30, 2014

Alienware Area-51 desktop gets a refresh, and it's a whopper of a redesign

Alienware's Area-51 gaming desktop features a radical new design and the option for Intel's new eight-core i7. Full disclosure on the Area-51 is coming in October.

Computers August 29, 2014

Alienware Alpha console may forever change where gamers play

Alienware modifies Windows 8.1 and partners with Nvidia on a custom GPU to create a Steam Machine. Known as the Alpha, the PC console will render all currently available games in 1080p and at a solid 60 FPS, says Alienware.

Video Games August 12, 2014

Alienware gaming laptop is what Goldilocks is always looking for

Alienware seeks to find the sweet spot between its 14-inch laptop and discounted 11-inch model. The Alienware 13 will feature a much lighter build than its predecessors and will face off against the slim Razer Blade.

Computers August 8, 2014

Dell now accepting bitcoin as payment: Discount on Alienware products

Dell is the latest company to support bitcoin, and it is also the largest and most well-known brand to do so. Dell is also giving customers who pay in bitcoins a discount on all Alienware products.

Computers July 22, 2014

E3 2014: Alienware unwraps its Alpha Steam console running on Windows

Alienware unveils its Alpha Steam console at the E3 2014. The console will be shipped with an Xbox 360 controller and will have a starting price tag of $549.

Video Games June 11, 2014

Alienware Steam Machines will be released annually, non-upgradable

Alienware has confirmed that their upcoming Steam Machines will not be upgradable but the company will be releasing new models annually. It means users who want cutting edge specs will have to purchase new Steam Machines every year.

Video Games January 22, 2014

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