Here's another gem from the CES international hall. The H-Tower is a completely ridiculous, totally unnecessary, and really cool brushed metal PC Tower that automatically opens and rotates like a desktop transformer.

The idea is to make components easily accessible for modders who are constantly fiddling with their computer's innards - but let's be honest, this $2,000+ machine is really just a form of good, old fashion PC builder peacocking - not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

With the push of a button, the machine opens up like a bit of mechanized plumage, spreading open open aluminum panels, while the interior motherboard plate rotates 90-degrees to show of your sweet wares.

There is also an internal lighting system to highlight to good bits an built-in laser lights to mark off a safe area before opening the thing up, so you don't knock any expensive collector's mugs off the table in the process. Extravagant? That's a word for it.

In Win's H-Tower can be purchase through US retailers Newegg and Frys. 

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