Fallout 4 has a lot going for it, but its visuals aren't at the top of the list. They certainly get the job done, but there is a reason numerous mods have been released for the game to improve the quality of the visuals.

While some mods put an emphasis on making the game look as realistic as possible, one Reddit user by the name reddit_is_wrong has revealed their own visual overhaul for Fallout 4, and it makes the game look like an entirely different first-person shooter RPG that gamers are no doubt familiar with.

We are of course talking about Gearbox's Borderlands. The game's signature cel-shaded style is one of its defining characteristics (that and its sense of humor and bazillions of guns). Now reddit_is_wrong has brought that style to the Commonwealth of Fallout 4 with the help of a mod.

If you are playing Fallout 4 on PC and thinking about trying this out for yourself, all you need to do is download this file and follow these steps. Once you've downloaded the file, set ">define# CartoonPower" to 10.0 and ">define# CartoonEdgeSlop" to 1.0 to achieve a similar look for your game. Reddit_is_wrong also points out a number of other mods they use, which you can find in the original post.

It's things like this that make PC gaming so great. Though mods for Fallout 4 are coming to consoles later this year, don't expect quite the same level of variety PC players enjoy. Much of modding has to do with the power of your PC, with mods often times putting a lot more stress on the hardware. Since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can't exactly compete with a high-end gaming PC, mods that improve the game's visuals won't likely be among those available.

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