It looks like the government is taking a cue from the hacktivist group Anonymous: the White House officially announced plans to create and implement a new task force that will aid in the fight against terrorism — specifically, terrorism on the Internet.

White House national security spokesman Ned Price said that the animus of the new task force will be to "integrate and harmonize" overall facets that make up the government's preventative measures against terrorism.

Members of the Obama Administration also met in Silicon Valley with members from U.S. tech conglomerates, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, to discuss possible measures that could be taken against members of ISIS and other jihadists; their prerogatives were to understand the tactics of groups like ISIS to "recruit, radicalize and mobilize" via social media.

Their concern is real: as Reuters pointed out, the Brookings Institution found that 46,000 Twitter users on Twitter operate with the international terrorist organization during a period of three months in 2015.

Other initiatives will include encryption cracking, but that will not be its current priority, as Reuters reported.

Via: Reuters

Photo: Christophe Verdier | Flickr

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