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Ariana Grande Suffers From PTSD, Caused By Manchester Arena Concert Bombing

Ariana Grande revealed that she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, due to the May 2017 terrorist attack that targeted her concert in Manchester Arena. PTSD is often linked to warfare, but the disorder is not limited to those situations.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 6, 2018

Google Escalates Fight Against Terrorism: Here Are The 4 Things That It Will Do

Google outlined four things that it will do to escalate its fight against terrorism and extremist content online. The Alphabet unit has also committed to teaming up with colleagues in the tech industry, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter.

Google June 19, 2017

Facebook Moderators At Risk After Security Flaw Exposes Their Identities To Suspected Terrorists

Facebook accidentally leaked sensitive user profiles of some of its content moderators to terrorist groups last year, new reports suggest. A software bug had caused the mishap, revealing personal data to groups believed to be administered by terrorists.

Security June 17, 2017

Facebook Unveils Its Plan For Fighting Terrorism: Here Are Ways AI Can Help

Facebook has unveiled its policy regarding pro-terrorist content, including ways in which artificial intelligence can be used to fight terrorism. Here is Facebook's plan for keeping its platforms free of hateful propaganda.

Internet June 16, 2017

Apple Helped UK Terrorism Investigations By Handing Over Metadata: How Is This Different From Breaking Encryption?

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company has helped United Kingdom officials in their investigations into the series of terrorist attacks in the country. Apple is said to have handed over metadata, which is different from breaking encryption.

Apple June 6, 2017

Facebook To Become A 'Hostile Environment' To Terrorists After London Attack

Facebook has pledged to become a hostile environment for terrorists, in light of the recent London Bridge attacks. The social media site, however, has a lot of room for improvement in terms of widespread hate propaganda, fake news, and more.

Internet June 5, 2017

Wikipedia Blocked In Turkey: Government Claims Website Is Running A 'Smear Campaign' Against The Country

The government of Turkey has blocked access to all language versions of Wikipedia after alleging that the online encyclopedia is running a 'smear campaign' against the country. Turkey is now the second country to ban Wikipedia, after China.

Internet April 30, 2017

UK Government Wants Access To WhatsApp: 'There Should Be No Place For Terrorists To Hide'

United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd is calling for WhatsApp and other encrypted communication services to open up their platforms to intelligence teams. Last week, the man behind the London incident checked his WhatsApp account shortly before the attack.

Security March 27, 2017

AT&T And Verizon Pull Ads Off YouTube Over Videos Promoting Terrorism And Hate

AT&T and Verizon have decided to remove their ads from YouTube over videos promoting hateful speech and terrorism. Google pledged to give advertisers more control over ad placement, but apparently it didn't move fast enough.

Internet March 23, 2017

Louvre Attack Thwarted By Soldiers But Trump Tweet Urges Americans: 'GET SMART'

The terrorist attack at the Louvre Museum in Paris was thwarted by soldiers and has led to an investigation by French authorities. But President Donald Trump was quick to respond via Twitter.

February 4, 2017

Justin Trudeau PMO Slams Fox News Over False Tweet On Quebec Mosque Shooting

Fox News has deleted a tweet that said the Quebec mosque shooter was of Moroccan origin. This comes after the network was admonished by a staff of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau over Twitter.

Viral February 1, 2017

Google Has A Plan To Dissuade Potential IS Recruits: 'Don't Be Evil' Is Still Very Much Alive

Google is hatching a creative plan to fight against terrorism. Named the Redirect Method, the program will look to dissuade potential recruits from joining IS through a unique form of targeted advertising.

Google September 8, 2016

Twitter Cracks Down On ISIS And Terrorists, But Nazi Sympathizers And White Nationalists Are Left To Run Rampant: Something's Wrong Here

Twitter has painted a target on terrorism-related content on the social media platform. However, while Twitter has been suspending such accounts as those of ISIS supporters, accounts of Nazi sympathizers and white nationalists have been left unchecked.

Internet September 5, 2016

Cyberspace 'Ungoverned And Lawless' As Facebook, Twitter And Google Serve As Recruiting Platforms For Terrorists: UK Lawmakers

UK lawmakers presented a report that points fingers at big names in tech. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google were accused of breeding perilous recruiting platforms for terrorist groups such as ISIS.

Internet August 25, 2016

Twitter Suspended 235,000 More Accounts: Is The Social Media Platform Doing Enough To Suppress Terrorism?

Twitter has suspended 235,000 terrorism-linked accounts on the social media platform over the past six months, which has shifted terrorism-related activities off of the platform. However, is the network doing enough in the fight against terrorism?

Internet August 19, 2016

After Germany Attacks, Facebook Pledges To Cooperate With Authorities To Fight Terrorism

Facebook has denied allegations of being reluctant in complying with German authorities' requests for user data, arguing that many requests were in fact poorly formulated. Nevertheless, the social network pledges to cooperate and help authorities fight terrorism.

Security August 8, 2016

Facebook Sued For $1B By Relatives Of Terrorist Victims For Facilitating The Deadly Attacks

Relatives of victims killed in terrorist attacks have filed a lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly facilitating the incidents. The lawsuit comes a week after Israel's Minister of Internal Security called the social network a 'monster.'

Business Tech July 12, 2016

New Computer Algorithm Sifts Social Media Posts To Predict Next ISIS Terror Attack

Posts on Russia-based social media site VKontake revealed how the ISIS terrorist group manage to grow and organize online. How can online activities and behaviors of sympathizers help predict and possibly prevent future attacks?

Computers June 17, 2016

Microsoft Cracking Down On Terrorist Content Across Its Services

Microsoft announced that it is taking steps to crack down on online terrorist content. The company will block terrorist posts on its services such as Xbox Live, Outlook and others, and will come up with additional measures to clean up the online environment.

Microsoft May 22, 2016

EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris To Cairo Goes Off Radar

EgyptAir Flight MS804 disappeared from radar at the dawn of May 19, with a total of 69 people onboard. All communications with the aircraft has been lost, and search and rescue operations have been initiated.

Business Tech May 19, 2016

ISIS Launches A New App To Promote Child Learning, With A Jihadist Angle

Photos of the app show cartoon depictions of guns and tanks. Cannons, bullets and swords are also featured, which is downloadable on Android devices.

Apps/Software May 12, 2016

Belgium Residents To Get Iodine Pills In Case Of Nuclear Incident

Belgium is distributing iodine pills to its citizens to prepare them for any potential nuclear fallout. The Netherlands has followed suit, considering some of its people live near two aging Belgian nuclear plants.

Public Health May 1, 2016

Ancient City Of Palmyra Retains Authenticity, Integrity Despite Destruction: UNESCO

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra was visited by UNESCO as part of a technical rapid assessment mission to take preliminary stock of its destruction. The World Heritage site fell under a year-long invasion by Islamic State terrorists (ISIS).

Ancient April 30, 2016

China Debuts a Terrorism-Fighting Robot as the Military Tech Market Grows

It can work for up to eight hours at a time without needing to be recharged, and it can patrol a wide area by moving at a speed of less than one mile per hour.

Defense April 28, 2016

Boston Pauses To Remember Victims Of Fatal Marathon Bombings 3 Years Ago

On April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon bombings killed three people and injured hundreds of participants. Three years later, Boston paused for a moment of silence to remember and honor the victims.

Society April 16, 2016

Twitter Trying To Keep ISIS Accounts Offline, But It's No Easy Task

Twitter deleted more than 125,000 ISIS-related accounts last year and its crackdown against similar terrorist organization continues. ISIS supporters, however, belittled Twitter’s attempt to shut them down and kept opening more accounts.

Internet April 15, 2016

Explosive Residue Detector Uses Laser Technology To Foil Terrorist Attacks

ExDtect combines pulsed lasers and video cameras to remotely and instantaneously scan crowded areas and alert an operator once it detects traces of explosives. The explosive residue detector was developed by researchers in the UK.

April 15, 2016

US And UK Plan To Simulate Cyber Attacks On Nuclear Plants To Test Resilience Against Terrorist Attack

US and UK are planning to conduct mock cyberattacks on their own nuclear power plants, in an effort to test and strengthen their nuclear facilities' cybersecurity defense system, in case of a nuclear threat.

April 4, 2016

Belgium Beefs Up Security At Nuclear Facilities Following Terror Attacks

Nuclear facilities in Belgium are under increased security due to pressed threat caused by the recent Brussels' terrorist attack. Belgian officials are beefing up efforts to secure nuclear sites.

Society March 28, 2016

The FBI Will Likely Use 'NAND Mirroring' To Crack San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone

According to one iOS forensics expert, the FBI's 'outside party' will most likely use a copying technique called 'NAND mirroring' to finally crack the San Bernardino iPhone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 23, 2016

Scientists Develop Method To Identify Terrorists Based On V Signs

Current methods to identify terrorists are not easy or straightforward to perform. Now, scientists in Jordan have developed another method that could help recognize terrorists based on 'V for victory' signs.

Animals March 13, 2016

Using Internet Slang On Venmo Might Get You Flagged As A Terrorist

Mind your Ps and Qs on Venmo.

Apps/Software March 11, 2016

Islamic State Propaganda Video Threaten Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey For Anti-Terrorism Efforts On Social Media

A new Islamic State video rages over Facebook and Twitter's efforts to shut down accounts linked to terrorism and extremism. The video also hurls threats at the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter.

Internet February 26, 2016

The British Government Can Now Record The Internet History Of Every UK Citizen

Parliament has decided to pass a piece of legislation that would allow the government to record the Internet history of every citizen in the United Kingdom.

Internet February 11, 2016

US Intelligence Chief Lists Main Global Threats, Warns Of IoT As Tools For Spying On You

U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper released a report of the main global threats to the United States. Under the Cyber and Technology Category is the Internet of Things, as both hackers and the govenment can take advantage of connected devices.

FUTURE TECH February 10, 2016

Twitter Closed 125,000 Accounts Suspected Of Terrorism Since Mid-2015: Here's How It Fights Extremism

Some criticized Twitter for not doing enough to fight extremism online, but the company does play its part. Detailing its anti-terrorism efforts, Twitter notes that it has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015, and it's taking several other steps to combat violent extremism.

Internet February 6, 2016

Google To Counter Radicalization By Serving Anti-ISIS Ads As Results To Extremist Search Queries

Google has planned to launch pilot programs aimed at countering the online influence of extremist groups such as ISIS. Users who will be conducting online searches related to extremism will be shown anti-radicalization links instead.

Internet February 6, 2016

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Twitter For Aiding In Her Husband's Death By ISIS

A U.S. woman has filed a lawsuit against the social media company Twitter, claiming that the platform facilitated his death at the hands of jihadist terrorists in Jordan.

Legal January 14, 2016

France Shuts Down Backdoor Encryption Amendment

The French government reconsidered the idea of backdoor encryption once again after an amendment was introduced — and promptly shut it down.

Arts & Culture January 14, 2016

US Plans To Form An Internet-Based Anti-Terrorism Task Force

The White House is taking a cue from Anonymous and taking terrorism to task — on the Internet.

Society January 8, 2016

New York, Los Angeles Schools React Differently After Receiving Similar Terrorist Threats Via Email

Los Angeles officials immediately suspended classes on Dec. 15 following a terrorist threat received through email. On the other hand, New York, which received a similar scare, initiated an investigation and announced the threat was a hoax.

Society December 16, 2015

France's Prime Minister Says The Country Will Not Block Tor Or Public Wi-Fi

Despite the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, French prime minister Maurice Valls has denied that the country will cease providing public Wi-Fi or Tor, despite the hypothetical threats both services could pose.

Society December 11, 2015

Obama To US: 'Threat From Terrorism Is Real, But We Will Overcome It'

In Obama's address to the nation from the Oval Office Sunday night, the president ensured Americans that they will continue to disrupt ISIS, terror groups and their planned terrorist attacks. The speech was made four days after the San Bernardino shooting that killed 14.

Society December 7, 2015

Chinese Firm Introduces Anti-Terror Robots Amid Increasing Terror Attacks Worldwide

Three robots specializing in reconnaissance, armed attack, and disposing small explosives were launched at the Beijing World Robot Conference. They are aimed to serve anti-terrorism efforts, with China also on heightened alert after the Paris attacks.

FUTURE TECH November 27, 2015

EU Plans Bitcoin Regulations To Counteract Terrorist Funding

After the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks which left 129 dead in Paris, the EU has made a call for proposals that will curb terrorist funding through nontraditional monetary systems - including bitcoin.

Society November 20, 2015

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