The Blaze is FitBit all grown up. The new wearable marks a further evolution for the fitness tracking company, adding a 1.25-inch color touchscreen display and a suite of additional features that puts the wearable somewhere between fitness band and full-fledge smartwatch.

The company has split the difference nicely from a design perspective. The Blaze is a pretty nice looking device in person, helped along by a slew of swappable bands, so it can be worn all day in a variety of settings. And it's got a slim enough profile that it can likely be worn comfortable over night, to kick that sleep tracking function into action.

The battery, which the company claims will provide five days of usage on charge, helps with all of that too.

The Blaze offers the standard array of fitness band features: step count, calories, and heart rate, along with multi-sport tracking including running, cycle, weights, and cross training and on-screen workout regiments and summaries. The more smartwatchy features include music control and smart notifications.

The navigation is pretty straight forward, with a clean, easy to read interface. The $200 price point puts the Blaze right between the Surge and Charge HR - and a bit below most full-fledged smartwatches.

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