I really like my Martian smartwatch. It splits the difference nicely between tasteful analog and smartwatch functionality. The company's hoping to recapture some of that magic, while appealing to a new audience, by bringing some of that functionality to a new line of smart jewelry.

The Kindred Vip ties in technology in a very discreet fashion. Gone is the small LCD scroller you'll find on Martian's watches. In its place is a simple LED and vibrations that can be customized to notifier the user of things like calls from specific numbers using the new Martian Smart mVip app.

The jewelry features a built-in accelerometer for activity and sleep tracking and a battery that only needs to be recharged every two or three weeks or so. The band is also water resistant. The line includes watches and the pictured jewelry, which was developed alongside PC Jeweller Limited and features actual gold.

Told you it was intense.

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