LEGO has arguably been more influential in bolstering the imagination of the world's youth than any other single toy line and served as the focal point for the first sparks of brilliance for future architects and engineers all over the globe. And the company's education wing has taken an even more proactive approach to developing tools to foster young minds.

This year at CES, the department showed off WeDo 2.0 — a sort of more entry-level approach to its wildly popular Mindstorms line designed to teach kids the fundamental building blocks of coding.

The set comes with around 250 pieces, a motor, sensors, and an app that offers up challenges for the classroom that can be accomplished by executing the right set of functions. The software provides more than 40 hours of projects for eager young minds that feature both a software and building element.

The set is available now for $159 and up, depending on the size and the number of students in the class. The software is currently available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. If it doesn't give you a little bit of hope in the future, nothing will.

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