Laundroid looks like a supercomputer — or something more ominous — rather than a kindly, benevolent robot designed to perform one of the more annoying tasks most of us are forced to do on roughly a weekly basis.

But here it is, in all of its steely glory, a robot from Seven Dreamers Laboratories designed for the sole purpose of folding clothes after they come out of the wash. Open a drawer, dump in your drawers (or other non-punny article of clothing) and the great Laundroid does the thing it was put on this Earth to do, picking up the clothing, identifying the item, and getting set folding according to a predetermined pattern (much like the flesh and blood clothing folders at your favorite retail establishment).

The model present at CES this week was more of a mockup, but there is a working version of the system. At present, the 'bot takes a few minutes to fold an item — which is still faster than some of us. A whole load should be left overnight.

No price has been set yet — though in its current configuration, Laundroid likely fall firmly in the "you couldn't afford it anyway" category. In its first incarnation, at least, the bot will probably appeal more to hotels and hospitals as consumers, but the company is certainly looking to bring a household version to consumers.


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